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  1. I bought mine from action lighting and had the exact same problem. I was going to use them for c9 strobes but i got aggravated and just bought a ready made string and screwed my strobes in randomly. I tried different types of wire and all just couldnt get them to work!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. im looking for the nice end to end connectors
  3. I am looking for the rope light connections that you see on the store bought rope light. Any place I have seen that sells the rope light connections are the cheap ones that you push on and then screw a cap to hold it on. My problem is these just dont hold tight enough i find during set up and break down they often come apart. Is there such a thing that you can buy or are these connections only available on the store bought rope.
  4. I currently have the tso christmas eve cd which has a mad russian christmas. I love the song but it is a little bit to long for my liking does anyone know of a shorter version.
  5. gsxr7500

    cutting leds

    i read everything and come to the conclusion that i cant cut the full wave without screwing the second half of the string up but i have already cut to sets. On both sets i left both rectifiers on the 1st part of the strand and they seem ok if i just not use the second half do you for see and problems using the 1st part of the string?
  6. gsxr7500

    cutting leds

    I have some sets of FULL WAVE leds that i cut in half and made 2 sets out of. On the set with no end i soldered the 2 wires that had continuity not sure if i spelled that right lol together and the wire with out i kept seperate. They light up great but i notice a slight flicker in the end that i had to put a male plug on to. Why would this happen P.S. they are cool white.
  7. I dont think you will have a problem my father-in-law has that lights and sounds animation and he uses both half and fullwave. The reason why i dont think you will have a problem is from watching his show it basically just turns the lights on and off without any fading. He has the GE brand which is about 2 years old since then they may have made changes and started fading you would have to try yours.
  8. Yeah im not really a fan of blow molds i only have 2 little blow mold penguins in my entire display. Trying to think of just maybe 1 large wire frame to take there spots
  9. I have a few halographic wireframes from rudolph that i am thinking about retiring (they r not 4sale) and i am not sure of what to replace them with. I am 90% led so what ever i use to replace would be led. Any ideas these are my parameters not to tall 48 inches or less not to many channels and needs to take up a 15 foot by 10 foot area.
  10. just curious i was on ur website and it says it takes 3 people an average of 60 days to take down ur display is that really true.
  11. I used a bunch of pvc 45 degree couplings to do mine along with a few straight pieces .
  12. i ziptie mine cause when you braid them you actually lose length expecially if you use a drill and make it a tight braid.
  13. I have bought many rolls from them and never one problem!
  14. check this company they have good rope and great prices http://stores.ebay.com/mengmengusainc888 just look for the led rope cause they do sell incadescent
  15. i ordered them from Lori and they did a great job on them. What was even better was a buddy was moving back from florida to NY and he said do i know any body needing anything brought back up cause he had room in his truck. So shipping was free it couldnt of happened any better. P.S. the $70 per star was a big help also great work great prices and free shipping
  16. Thats weird winterland is where i ordered the blizzard tubes from and had to send them back. In order to make them go random you had to plug it in and then screw each one in one by one. The problem came when u shut them off then they lost the random look and were all at the same time.
  17. I would like to use them with LOR just turning them on and off no fading. Who has used them with lor and where did you get them and what was the price?Were they random cause i tried these from a company and they were only random if u didnt shut them off you had to unscrew each light and screw it in at different times to get them to go random which wasnt happening so they were sent back.
  18. Thats so funny that person was me and i sent them back UPS which he received on 1/15/2010
  19. do u have a link to where i can go see these work cant seem to find them
  20. ummmmmmmmmm its a video of dominos dont ya think if it were a bad video it would have been deleted off PC already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. oh i didnt get that i was actually sent this in an email i guess u must have some parental blocking of some sort
  22. well it says he was 40 feet set back put im sure his picture was large im looking to project a window size image
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