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  1. thanks i will contact him any info about doing this with a computer and fm transmitter would be great
  2. Iam new at this and i just purchased a 16 channel box.I made a animated show and i was going to leave it at that for this year but then i was told that i can run music with a show without the mp3 player by using my computer.Does anyone have any ideas as to a good fm transmitter without killing my wallet this year or am i wasting my time.
  3. Hi all i am new to this thing with using controllers to run my lights and have got a lot of help from people so i am willing to help others. I live in new york and own a florist if any 1needs easels for mini trees i can get them for u asap for my cost and ship them out to you but u ofcourse pay the shipping. you can email me at [email protected] just put what its about in the subject box cause if i dont know who you are i just delete the message.so if i can help drop me some mail:tree:
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