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  1. how does me posting something i saw on the internet be confused with having way too much time u dont actually think that was me doing those dominos do u?
  2. if i were to use this for virtual santa in a window how close can this be placed to the window or does it need to be set back.
  3. http://www.wimp.com/christmasdominoes/
  4. spoke to dakota fabrication today and they want way too much money they want $350 per star plus $100 Shipping. Im waiting for a price for Lori'sDlites.
  5. I am in search for 4 sets of c6 70 count coolwhite leds i bought some from travis but i need a few more. I prefer travis's lights if anyone has any!!! I wouldnt mind cdi lights as long as they are not those replacable ones he was selling with all the problems they had
  6. sounds like alot of work!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. So ur lite clip strip stays on the house but each yr you have to clip every light back onto the strip???
  8. what did u use to afix the strips to your house i used silicon and little by little they started to pop off and that was with c6's now i want to go with c9's ever 4 inches so thats alot of weight. I watched some of your videos and i just wanted to know why does it seem like your lights on ur roof outline look so dim is it the angle. Im a little hesitant on going with the c9 leds i want to make sure its gonna look good at all angles.
  9. I am thinking about changing over my lights on my house to the c9 leds here is my problem. I need to use 4 different colors which would mean alot of lights and many shingle clips and alot of time. What ideas have people come up with to make hanging these lights quicker i dont mind pre fab work but i was trying to think of some short cuts and i am coming up short lolololol
  10. daah i forgot to put the link sorry
  11. this is a must check out it takes 2 or 3 min to make this video then you hit play and santa talks to your child in a video from the north pole and best of all its free!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Has anyone ordered c9 led's from travis that you use for animation. If so how good do they dim and are they reliable lights?
  13. svo4turbo how much did that company charge you for those stars??
  14. geoff great job awesome animation just perfect
  15. Wish that was the case the 3 yr old is going in there!
  16. I have virtual santa and it is great but in 2010 there will be a little itsy bitsy problem. We are expecting a 2nd child thus causing me to loose my spare room. Does anyone have any ideas of others ways to display it.
  17. I know im gonna get a tongue lashing but thats the reason i dont use any gfi's. We get way too much rain here. I very rarely if any have people on my grass i use rope lighting at the curb which people see and dont want to step on. Then 18inch stake lights right behind the rope. The combination of the 2 keeps people off the lawn and as a little reminder i have signs the say "danger high voltage" which even helps so keep them away.
  18. thanks for your info i actually have a 2 story colonial so i think i might go with the c9s like u said. Would u know the power output of a c9led
  19. I am thinking of changing over my roof lights to retro fit c9 or c7 what are your opinions on either. Does anyone remember what the prices were per bulb in the pre orders!!!!!!!!
  20. It is on many sets of lights that would be pretty tough to do especially on the LED rope light. Last year the same lights were used without any problems. The only thing i changed from last year to this year was the June LOR licensing upgrade.
  21. I cant seem to figure it out but on some of my down fades i am getting a flicker. I never had this problem before. The only thing i can think of that i changed from last year to this year is the version of Lor to 2.4.8. Last year it ran perfect i tried changing some of my fades that i used instead of going from lets say 25%to 100% i changed it 0% to 100% thinking that would be my fix. But that didnt work. I am a we bit nervous to mess with anything cause my show is running and i dont want to kill it but im let down as fas as how it looks. What can i do?????
  22. I sequenced all my songs last year myself this year i added a few things and i was a little burned out so i had someone adjust them for me. I noticed some flickering of my leds going on that i didnt have going on last year. I looked at my sequences and it seems like on any of the fades he did they either Never go down to 0% they either stop at 15% or 25% could that be my problem. I just checked again and i did have some fades last year that didnt go all the way to 0% but i didnt have any flickering cant figure it out!!!!!!!!
  23. I dont like the led strobes i heard they do need time to warm up which doesnt fit my show
  24. stick with christmaslightshow.com you wont be disappointed i live close to you if you want to check them out let me know
  25. I never saw it im glad to see someone else hasnt
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