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  1. This is great i would laugh my butt off if my neighbor did this!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hey tasper welcome to planet christmas where on LI are u im in coram
  3. Anyone own one of these if so can it be used with virtual santa
  4. I have that virtual santa and i would love to be able to load that dvd on this projector and put it on a timer so i dont have to turn it on every night. For those that purchased this projector can this be done.
  5. The arches get vaseline before being put together because sometimes its hard to get them apart. But the vaseline also makes it easy for them to slip apart so I actually use a screw to hold them together so take down is nice and easy!!!!!!!!!!!! They have with stood 50+ winds no problem.......
  6. Thanks i wanted to do something different they are super bright. The arches and the mega tree is what attracted many people as they were passing my block. Many people i have asked how did u find us and they said "we were passing your block and happened to see a burst of light and had to turn around to check it out". The rope light was much easier to work with then countless sets of minis. Its a definite 2 person job setting them up due to the weight but once there set they dont budge. Well atleast not in 2 seasons hope i didnt put the hex on myself. lolololololol
  7. Thanks!!!!!!! They are hard to see but if you look on the left side of the arch about 80% of the way up they kinda run parallel with the fence line
  8. I use 1 1/2 grey pvc with led rope light which is kinda heavy. I drive stakes into the ground and slip it right over. I decided to hold arch to arch i used christmas light shows snap on tees and white pvc to go arch to arch. In the pic you can see what i mean with the cross pieces. These have made it through 50+ mph winds!!!!!
  9. I have 1000 i will never use if u want to buy em
  10. OK GREAT THEN YOU SHOULD BUY MORE!!!!! Its not the same product as per your specs so then theres nothing to be uptight about.
  11. But im sure you would be very happy to have bought these and then realize you could have got it cheaper and put together somewhere else. I was just trying to make a point about the post saying they are trying to keep costs down by selling something in kit form but its actually not cheaper. Im not saying its garbage just that why would i want to pay that price didnt mean to put a damper on sales if the moderator would like to delete my post feel free dont want to hurt a possible sale!!!!!!!!!
  12. Why would you want to buy something and have to build it in October when you can buy it put together with a warrantee
  13. That winterland website advertised here on pc has them for the same price in tubes ready to go!!!! http://store.winterlandinc.com/store/p/1318-Snowfall-Blizzard-Tubes-Set-of-5-64-LED-0-5m-tubes-harness-wire-power-supply-Pure-White-.aspx thats without the discount
  14. u dont have any of those meteor tubes for sale do u

  15. gsxr7500


    They have good quality lights all sealed and fullwave. They know all about LOR becuase they use it themselves. If u call speak to Tara shes a big help. They have a 1 year warranty but as she told me they will do what ever they can to make you happy after that. So basically that says to me if one strand goes out just pay for a new one but if you have multiple problems they will help you out. Also she told me they do a presale and have there order in by march 1st. Tara said at that time call her tell her what you want and she will give you the presale price.
  16. These are my favorite kinda like the led tubes but more spread out. I said i was done this year but i may have to take one more plunge !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! http://www.winterlandinc.com/SnowFallStrings.html
  17. I ran by this place while surfing the web and they seem to have some cool stuff. http://www.winterlandinc.com/default.html
  18. One of my boxes was beat up and torn but so far so good.
  19. I just bought some 6 inch lighted spheres 36 leds in each, 2 in a box $16.99. They are tested with LOR with perfect ramping no blink during fading. They come in red, blue, white or green
  20. These are pretty good prices http://cgi.ebay.com/LED-1501-2-120V-ROPE-LIGHT-SALE-WHITE-BLUE-GREEN-NEW_W0QQitemZ180325640281QQihZ008QQcategoryZ112582QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp1742.m153.l1262
  21. Just curious as too how close you are to the 500 tube discount!!!!!
  22. So if you plug these in to an LOR channel you will blow the transformer???
  23. I dont see any prices
  24. I am definitley in on a NY mini but if you gonna drive all the way to syracuse from queens you might as well just go to the philly mini then. Im sure we could organize one in the NYC area.
  25. wow they are cool reminds me of what the galaxia looks like
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