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  1. I can only get to the forums through internet explorer when i try through aol i get that Cpanel screen. I have tried to reboot and deleted my temp internet files and still no good. what to do????
  2. I knew you guys would love it the beat is a little off but still looks great. I think there is someone inside turning the actual truck lights on and off because i dont think they would rewire a truck to have lor turn on the emergency lights.
  3. http://www.firefighternation.com/video/video/show?id=889755%3AVideo%3A3290758&xgs=1
  4. The only thing that worries me on these trees is they are about 400 watts you use these with a controller and use like 5 of them on seperate channels you are at 2000 watts over powering the unit.
  5. it says they are chasing christmas trees????????????????
  6. I think most people wanna see the area of the song that u did all the fancy movements with the stars you can show that and just not give them the audio!!!!!!!!
  7. Pretty sad these lights were even sold to people dealing with a new vendor you would think these lights would have been tested!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Just curious as to why u didnt use the rope on the stars also!!! I love the design !!!
  9. well the bottom line with CDI is this i have seen many a post saying "oh paul is so good for doing what hes doing for people" Well the fact is everyone could have sent back there lights for a full refund within 90 days and most didnt. If everyone did that where would he be!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. but if i pasted a copy of an email i got showing you all a sale that would be ok.LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL so many rules
  11. when i had my post deleted a few weeks back it was simply an email that i copied and pasted one that was sent to me from the vendor and one that i sent back without any name calling and it got deleted because it was supposedly private cause it was an email. Which was the most bogus excuse i thought.
  12. Just dont understand just because they are vendors of PC theres no dogging on them but anyone else is free speech. Someone posted earlier that if i had a problem i should go to chuck well i did and got no response. I agree there should be no name calling but come on unless its positive feed back it cant be aired. Its just funny how someone can portray themselves on here as an angel but behind closed doors he's dr. jekle and mr hide. Im not expecting any thing to change by this i just wanted to get a point across.
  13. I dont know why you cant post your complaints about vendors on here. As long as you are not shying away from the so called "family" words why cant you voice your opinion. This site is supposed to be a way to connect with other people and share with them your good and bad thoughts. Lets face it when you post something bad its for everyone else to decide if they would use a vendor or not. When you use ebay they dont tell you not to give bad comments but on here its good comments only. If you have a problem with a vendor you should be able to speak your mind without getting to nasty. It just does
  14. Well happy new year to all you new yorkers now get up bundle up and take you stuff down. I thankfully I have some helping this year im going to try and get as much done today and tomorrow before the snow comes again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. i tried that and it says "unable to rip one or more songs"
  16. I want to take a song from a cd rip it and use it in audacity to shorten the song. I ripped it but windows media player will only rip it to a wma file. when i try and open it in audacity it only comes up as a song thats less then a second in length. How do i change it to an mp3 file
  17. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B5wJ7NDagVA
  18. neither "sweet emotion" and "Dream on"
  19. I went to see TSO tonight and what a show. Then they promised a surprise guest and it was non other then Steven Tyler. He performed 2 songs and totally rocked the arena. GREAT GREAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. ok here you go they work great i just bought too many. I searched and searched and noone carries any product like this anymore cause the company that made the green caps went out of business.
  21. 2 blow up soldiers $25 each 1 santa $25 1 snowman $25 1 christmas tree $25 1 scoopy doo $40 all blow ups are 8footers that are spliced to have seperate plugs for the fan and the light Also for sale are rubber c9 socket covers 25 cents each
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