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  1. all strobes are sold moderator please delete this thread
  2. I will change my price to $30 for the snowman $30 for the santa $40 for scooby $30 for each soldier
  3. I have 25 c9 strobes that darryl sells they are brand new all i did was put the hole in the bottom as everyone suggests. I trying to thin out my stock of christmas stuff i just have too much. $6.50 each
  4. you know what i will let them go for 25 cents if anyone is interested
  5. Well being that they are wired the way they are that took me some time so i will sell any of them for $40 and $10 shipping
  6. 2 soldiers black and red 8' 1 santa 8' 1 snow man 8' 1 christmas tree with presents 8' 1 scooby doo 8' All are nicely spliced so the lights work on one cord and the fans on another so these can be used in an animated display or you can just plug them in together. The only one i dont have a picture of is the tree cause its in a blank box. Make me an offer
  7. I have C9 rubber covers that cover any unused sockets. They go on so smoothly they are black rubber so they blend in nicely. .30 cents each send me a pm if your interested.
  8. I would go metal if you havent put any lights on yet. PVC will definitley flex theres nothing you can do about that.
  9. Thats my plan i want to cement a sleeve so i just pull the cap off and slide the pole in i think life will be much easier then.
  10. Well the tree is back up i was a little aggravated so itstead of 48 sets of lights i only put back 36 noone will know the difference just me. I would post the video but i have no idea how to pull the video off my DVR. Next year all i can say is im cementing a pole in the ground!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Well i was about 95% done decorating and the worst happens we get a crazy wind storm and the mega tree goes down. Thankfully nothing but the pvc 4way broke and all lights are fine. It was completely my fault i was lazy when i guy wired it. I went from the ground up and looped it around the tree topper and then back down the other side. It basically just slid down the wire. Stupid stupid stupid i should have went up with 4 seperate lines and not be lazy by just looping it around the top. I have read all the posts and saw pictures of how this happened to other people and would say man that stink
  12. I had the same issue with the burning luckily it wasnt close to my house !!!!! That was with the purple concave lights.
  13. http://www.mengmengusainc.com/catalog/i69.html
  14. Dont bother wasting you money on replaceable leds you will be throwing your money out the window. Buy sealed from a reputable dealer you wont be dissapointed!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. http://www.improvementscatalog.com/product/freeze-miser-heat-miser-metal-christmas-yard-art.do
  16. I think it would work without a problem his attach with a setup he has so you can open and close the door.
  17. The store bought lights arent terrible but when you try and compare the brightness there is no comparison the ones sold from LED holiday lighting are much much brighter and can with stand much more of a beating. Doing your homework before buying is the best idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. I will give you $2.00 and you pay the shipping
  19. Same here no green LED's i dont inderstand how do you not sell green lights for xmas
  20. I dont own a projector i was using a TV with the virtual santa projection box but the picture needs to be upside down for that.
  21. what they mean about reversed is the words are reversed for projection purposes. There are 2 ways to do this one is to just put a tv in the window or 2 purchase a projector which range about $300-400 on the cheaper side.
  22. I got the DVD and it is great my problem is i planned on using it in place of my virtual santa which projects the image on a screen but you need the image to be upside down so it projects right side up. So im am working getting the dvd flipped around.
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