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  1. Has anyone used the led version of these with any success. I have read both good and bad posts on amazon most of which complained about the lights not lasting and brightness fading during the season. i dont want to waste my time or money any input would be great.



  2. Im making an 8 foot octagon shape planned on using 10 channels due to the octogan having 8 sides no matter what i do my marks just wont line up. I took my measurement divided it by 10 which works fine but the problem comes in when i wrap. With only 8 points around the tree to tie off i can never hit the 10th mark cause i only have the 8 polls. Driving me crazy think i may just make it 1 color 8 channels 8 foot tall. Using 100 count c6 wrap around to the top and back down so its basically having 2 strands per channel alot more cost affective then buying (2) 50 count strands.

  3. How many times do u wrap ur lights around the tree because i did mine 2 times. When i seq it from channel 1-10 it looks good but when u try and mix it up then it looks like somethings missing should i change it to 1.5 times around the tree?

  4. I am thinking of doing 2 small spiral trees 7 foot tall 3.5 feet base. Using 50 count c6 leds and 8 channels. I am new to the spiral thing and have no idea what the sequencing looks like does anyone have a seq they are willing to share so i can see some ways to change it up. i have a 16 foot mega tree and have no prob doing that but looking at the spiral looks intimadating. Using lor how do you even draw something like that in the visualizer any help would be great!!!!!!!!!!!Not looking to steal anyones seq just want to get the idea of what it looks like in lor.

  5. I have 11 lor controllers that run off a computer in my garage and everything is wired via cat5. My question is I am adding 5 more lor controllers on the opposite side of my yard can i split the connection with a cat5 tee out of the usbRs485 sending one cat5 to one side of the yard to daisy chain the 11 together and one cat5 to the other side of the yard and daisy chain the other 5 together ????

  6. Lets assume you have a seq you exported a channel config from in that seq you have 1 track then you import that channel config to a sequence that has multiple tracks are you importing that channel config to all tracks or just the first track. Just curious because if I do this I don't want to mess up the other tracks in my sequence .

  7. Our tree has 128 strings total, 32 strings of Red, Green, Blue, and Warm White; 16 channels for each color with two strings of each color per channel. The Red and White lights are wrapped in one direction, and the Blue and Green Lights are wrapped in the other direction. I think it turned out pretty nice...Here's a photo...

    I would love to see a lightorama screen shot of the spiral tree during the sandstorm song from 1:20 to 1:40 just to get an idea of what the choreographing consists of. Also what the approx height of the tree and the size of the base?

  8. I have some sequences with multi tracks when i try and add on another 16 channels it only adds them to the channel i am viewing at that time. Can i add it to all tracks without manually typing all info? If i only have this on 1 track will there be playback issues i didnt think so but just checking???

  9. I am trying to help a friend he is strictly just animation no music. I would normally download a sequence to his lor1602w but last year my problem was the file was to large so i had to cut his show in half to make it fit. This year he purchased a mini director so we have more space. I opened the lor hardware utility and clicked on the lormp3 tab to write the sequence to the card and every time i went to look for his file to add into the show it would not see it on my desktop. The file is an LAS file because there is no music but it wont see it. It will see my LMS files but not his. What am i doing wrong??????

  10. I have 4 colors strung together i use shingle tabs for my roof but i have a 20 foot high chimney thats sided and i wanted to go around the perimeter with lights. I dont know what clip to use because i want the lights to point out as i have here in the pics. I was planning on using the little clip right on the light it self but the slightest little movement and the light moves plus having 4 strung together will have even more weight. How can i accomplish this any help would be great???


  11. I feel your pain with the mega tree coming down it happened to me 2 years ago 1 week before we were set to go live. The worst part was i got to watch it over and over again on my survelliance cameras. So i decided last year 1.5 inch galvanized pipe. I have a tube concreted 4 feet in the ground that i just slide my mega tree pole into. I also use guide wires as a precaution. Once that baby goes down your never the same lololololol.

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