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    Parrottsville, TN
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    * A Carpenter for 22 years. Licened Electrician. House & log Framer. Remodeling. Hardwood, Ceramic Tiles, Pergo, Vinal floors. Sheetrock, Wall & Ceiling knock down textures. Interior & Exterior Painting & Staining. Plumber, Custom Bath & Spas rooms. Shingles & Metal Roofing. Cabinets, Crown, Base, Trim finisher, Vinal Siding & Soffit, Concrete Siding & Soffit. Porch & Patio Decks. Pressure washing.

    * I have study for 18 years learning from the Words of Elohim, Jehovah, Ruach, and the Lord Christ, from the King James, Apocrypha, Septuagint, Bibles. and the Companion Bible from EW Bullinger. It's the love letter that was sent to you. Have you showed your love toward the Father of Christ ? If you want the blessings of Christ, let him know that you love him.
  • Interests
    * Teaching from the words of God.

    * I have a 77 Chevy 4x4 Truck with a 8'' lift and 38x16x15 super swampers. 350 crate engine, 400 turbo trans.

    * Building a 67 Pro Street Camaro, Small block with 8-71 blower, Mickey Thompson tires, Weld wheel
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    Home Builder.
  • About my display
    * In 2005 we had around 20.000 lights

    * In 2006 we had around 55.000 lights

    * In 2007 we went to 100.000 light's and updated to a 400/800 amp (CT) Current Transfer system. With this system (4) 200 amp breaker boxes, 40 circuit each, can be used on one digital meter base using a 37.5 transformer. With this CT setup, it can handle over 500.000 mini lights

    * For 2008 we had right at 100.000 lights. Our display was spread out on 3 acres, on both sides of the road. It took (26) 20 Amp breakers to do this year display.

    * In the 2009 season we are taking time off, to do other projects around the house.

    * In the 2010 season plans were change to a few lights and figurenes.

    * In 2011 we are gearing up to do 200,000 lights with more Animated silhouette displays. Were working on doing a large walk thru village scene 40' x 40' with lots of animations. Trains, lighted villages, Ferris wheels, Zinger, Tea cups, Ice rinks, Merry go rounds, Toy shops, Fiber optic villages, street lam

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