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  1. Being merciful to people, also demonstrate compassion toward the hurting and needy. Be inspirational to those who are in ill health, people who have lost a loved one, and those who are in a disheartened state or in life challenges. Emotionally wounded people cannot help but be highly sensitive. Words hit them like whips. It is vital that they be treated verbally with the careful tenderness you would use if you were dressing gaping physical wounds. Once we understand the seriousness of emotional wounds, it’s surprisingly easy to employ the Christ like graces of turning the other cheek and us
  2. This info didn't come from snopes. This information was verified thru a person at a corporate office at a walmart distribution center in Midway,TN And as far as the economy goes, you need to do your homework and look at Gatt, WTO, Trilateral Commission.
  3. Walmart will not be carrying any villages this year, and the same for lowes carrying the aminated villages, (ferriswheel, swings, train, zinger) this year, Since walmart bought 40% of lowes (Stock / Stores) their cutting back there line up on all christmas. Also we see theres not many incandescent lights left to buy on the shelves anymore, because On 12/19/2007 president bush had congress to ban all incandescent light(s) for a new energy law, starting on 1/1/2012
  4. In the Bible it is written there are two calendars. The goverment goes by the moon (lunar) and the nights are named after planets, (monday thru sunday) ( janurary thru december) The calenday of God goes by the Sun (Solar) this is the light of the Elect. The first day of the Solar calendar starts on the spring equinox. not janurary the first.
  5. On 12/19/2007 president bush had congress to ban all incandescent light(s) for a new energy law, starting on 1/1/2012
  6. People with asthma are often allergic to ****roaches. Keep your house as clean as possible to discourage ****roaches from hanging around. Also, did you know that the FDA allows manufacturers a certain percentage by weight of ****roach parts in chocolate? The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has set limits "...to establish maximum levels of natural or unavoidable defects in foods for human use that present no health hazard." Such unavoidable defects include insect fragments in our food. Preground coffee is all processed from huge stockpiles of coffee which are infested with ****roach
  7. You are Correct ! www.therodofiron.org
  8. Christ was concieved on the 25. born in september 25-29
  9. Here is a website that has a lot of villages pictures, go to www.rivercityvillagers.com and click on the photo gallery.
  10. I seen one of the lowes in TN has already taged there bins with christmas tags. one of the workers said the shelves had to be stocked by October the first. I also seen one of the walgreens stores is putting some christmas items on the top shelves.
  11. Sugar comes from two different sources. sugar beets, and sugar cane stalks. All cookies, cakes, have this sugar as a added source. The companys add a live bacteria to this sugar called ( Powdered Lime ) this is the same used in concrete materials. its also used for killing sage grass in hay fields. This bacteria lives on the amino acids, vitiamins, minerals, of our flesh body, untill they break down the structure of our organic organs. ( Liver, pancreas )over a time period disease ( live bacteria ), takes over the colon as it breaks down our red blood cells. Read on the labels what you eat and
  12. Leviticus 3:16 And the priest shall burn them upon the altar: it is the food of the offering made by fire for a sweet savor: all the fat is the LORD's. Leviticus 3:17 It shall be a perpetual statute for your generations throughout all your dwellings, that ye eat neither fat nor blood. Leviticus 11:7 And the swine, though he divide the hoof, and be cloven-footed, yet he cheweth not the cud; he is unclean to you. Leviticus11:8 Of their flesh shall ye not eat, and their carcass shall ye not touch; they are unclean to you. The swine is a scavenger made to clear the earth. it has no swe
  13. We bought one and used it in december last year. its works better using the computer to animate the scrolling board. it says for indoor use only, but i had in 25-35 degree weather and it worked fine. Everone was impressed with it. www.therodofiron.org
  14. Two years ago we did a 400/800 (CT) Current Transfer system, with a 37.5 transformer system. with a Digital electro meter base. It's set up for 4 / 200 amp breaker boxes. last year we had 100.000 light and they was on from 6 pm to around 10 evernight. It took 26 / 20 amp breakers to do the display. leaving the lights on this long at night didnt strain the meter base at all. In fact for the month of december the electriic bill was $ 397.00 for the display.
  15. Hello Roger: Welcome to PC. Were not to far away from you, we are on the west side of Greeneville. in Parrottsville. In 2009 we are adding new silhouettes displays, scrolling boards, Christmas movies on tv in places, more led's on trees, new airblowns. Im working on a new display, its a 23'x100' Dinosaur park. We hope to have 200.000 lights this year. If i can help you in anyway let me know. Stan & Jan Lewis
  16. To keep them from fogging up and the balls sticking to the plactice, use pallets to raise them off the grown. That keeps the moisture from entering inside when in use..
  17. This is the measurements when inflated. The house structure is 10' in length Overall Length structure with house and santa is 11' House structure is average is 36'' to 40'' Wide, Back to front Over all width structure with santa is 48'' Back to front The Height is 6'3'' at the spinning ornament I called first to see if they have the 10' in stock and it was the same item number listed on their website. it was $ 139.99 plus shipping.
  18. I talked to KC a few days ago and he said the small and big controllers came in. He also said that they have 1-8 channels and larger channels for fading lights now..
  19. If your looking for a stand alone fader only, KC Coors can help you. www.noveltylights.com 1-800- 209-6122
  20. I recieved my today, A 10' santa's village from BJ's.com This is one of the best animated inflatables Gemmy has ever made. The colors are very brite, and the lighting is great.
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    Stan & Jan saying hello from Parrottsville,TN
  22. Flower Barn Nursery Has one 15' Driveway Arch Candy Cane Item #: 86786123784 Sale Price $139.99
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    Were looking foward to meeting everone. Be shure and bring your christmas photo pictures. Stan & Jan Parrottsville, TN www.therodofiron.org
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    Golden Corral is fine. A Sunday would probally be the best, some where's around 2 Pm to 5 Pm for reservations. in about two to three weeks or so, that way everbody could plan to get together. Stan & Jan, Parrottsville,Tn
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    Hello Terri : Stan & Jan saying hello from Parrottsville,Tn
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