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  1. I think the answer you are looking for is yes but it is not necessarily the case. "C7" refers to the glass part of the bulb. It means cone shaped" and 7/8ths of an inch in diameter. The size of the base on most C7 bulbs is "candelabra". E12 is the same as a candelabra size base. The names of the base sizes are Mogel,, Medium, Intermediate, Candelabra, Midget, and Miniature. (Most "standard" household bulbs have a Medium base. Most C7 bulbs have a candelabra base. Most C9 bulbs have an intermediate base.) TED
  2. I don't think I've ever seen any replacement stakes for those. Maybe you could make some out of PVC pipe. TED
  3. In looking at the pictures from the different catalogs, it looks like the uppermost buttons on the coat are white on the Poloron and painted over (in other words red) on the H.I. version. However that could just be the way the pictures look. TED
  4. I don't think he's selling those. I think he is looking to buy another of each in mint condition. TED
  5. Hi Auntie Ev! Welcome to Planet Christmas and especially to the blowmolds forum! Here are a few thoughts on your Santa. First of all it looks great! In looking at the pictures I really can't see the red line you described. My first thought is that you are probably the only one that notices the line so you might consider just leaving it as is. If it is really bothering you and you just have to fix it you definitely do NOT want to try to paint over the red line with white paint. If this was a decoration that was not lit from within (like a plywood cutout for example) you could paint o
  6. TED


    Through the end of Feb. save 14% on purchases of $14 or more at Bronner's. They have all types of indoor and outdoor Christmas stuff. https://www.bronners.com/?utm_campaign=febsaleremind2020&utm_medium=email&utm_source=bcw&utm_source=bm23&utm_medium=email&utm_term=Shop+Bronners.com&[email protected]&utm_campaign=Feb+Sale+Reminder+2020 TED
  7. Congratulations! That's a great article. It's nice that they included your comments on why you do the display! TED
  8. It's not clear to me if you are just looking for the bulbs or if you are looking for the cords. Any store that sells Christmas lights will have C7 replacement bulbs. (There's no specification of indoor/outdoor for the C7 replacement bulbs.) If you are looking for replacement cords all you will find (in stores) are the "indoor" cords intended for the little ceramic houses. Most of them are single socket cords but there are some that have 5 bulbs. (I don't think you'll find 2 bulb cords.) Many people use those successfully even though they are technically "indoor" cords. The only differen
  9. I don't know where to post this because it's not an exact fit for any of the categories but I guess here will do. I ran across this article that has a bunch of Christmas display pictures. The pictures are several years old but still fun to look at. Enjoy! https://weather.com/home-garden/home/news/holiday-lights-from-around-the-world-photos TED
  10. I think the 3.5 volt bulbs might work ok. If you replaced all the bulbs then it might not be as bright as it was but you could just use one to replace the burned out bulb. TED
  11. 49 watt seems like a lot compared to what some of the other molders are using. How does it look? Do you have a picture? TED Somebody posted a video recently of using flickering bulbs in candle flames. I was looking on eBay to see what I could find. They are a little pricey but you can get the cost down to just under 3 bucks if you buy a 6 pack. I didn't do an exhausting search like I tend to do when I'm going to order so you may find a better price with a little searching. There's probably a better deal if you buy from one of the direct from China sellers. Here's a link
  12. If you GOTO the Home Depot website and search from the main page for "blow mold" it will show you all the 'molds. When i was in the Home Depot here they had 4 in stock. I just checked the website and unfortunately they went back up to $49. Thanks for mentioning Michael's. I hadn't thought to check them. I'm with you there. I still have a preference for the incans although there are some darker 'molds that might benefit from the brighter bulbs. Yeah it would be nice if the light kit went up through the bottom like the Empire/Gen Foam "scary candles". I think do thin
  13. Hi Jen, Welcome to Planet Christmas and especially to the blowmolds forum! You've collected a bunch of really nice 'molds in a fairly short amount of time! Like the rest of the group I like the candles by the fireplace. The flames look like the Empire type but I don't recognize the candles. I like the way you set up your Santa sleigh and reindeer with the reindeer "taking off". (There have been many discussions on here about different ways to display Santa sleigh and reindeer.) The little snowmen in the window look like they are laughing at the 3 large snowmen out in the cold. (Of
  14. There's a special buy on the Pan Asian Candy Canes at Home Depot! They are $24.88! TED
  15. Spielbauer is definitely one i have not heard of before! It looks like they offered quite a nice variety. TED
  16. With apologies to anyone who has a different opinion, the saddest thing was the design. Although the Great Pumpkin is never pictured we do get some sense of it from Linus's description. it's supposed to be a large creature that flies though the air to deliver toys. I always imagine him being somewhat scary even though he's delivering toys. He should have a pumpkin head, a body with arms and legs (maybe slightly scarecrowish) and should be wearing a black cape! That design is just Linus with a pumpkin helmet leaning on a pumpkin. The Great Pumpkin is not just a small jack-o-lantern with
  17. Oh yes. I recognize the name now. Thanks for refreshing my memory! TED
  18. I would speculate that those prices might be comparable to the cost of the fiberglass decorations that are typically sold for commercial use. They are really nice items to have in your collection! You said it! It's so hard to find people who take pride in their work. I'm not an electrician but I'm pretty handy at it. There have been quite a few occasions when my parents had an electrician "repair" something at their home and I had to come behind them and fix what they messed up. The most recent case was a HVAC contractor that connected a large solid wire and a small stranded wire
  19. I believe those were also a Poloron design weren't they? Were they also made by Empire at some point? (I can't remember.) I had an old set of Polorons (like that or very similar) whose flames are in terrible condition. (They had full size household incandescent bulbs in them so the flames are very brittle. One of the flames is all in pieces.) I think that replacement flames for G.V. candles would be a perfect fit if they were available. The flames are red though instead of yellow. Maybe we'll be able to make flames with a 3D printer at some point. I remember passing up the G.V. ca
  20. One can only imagine all the "unknown" artists that created all those nostalgic decorations (not just blowmolds) back in the day! It's nice to know who a few of them are! TED
  21. It sounds like he's smarter than the average scrapper. I've watched some videos of scrappers on youtube. I saw one guy toss a perfectly good bicycle into his load of scrap metal. At $5 per 100 pounds (for steel) he probably got 2 dollars or less for it. Any good working bicycle would be worth at least 20 bucks! I saw another guy take a perfectly good set of speakers and slam them on a concrete floor. He destroyed a $50 speaker to get maybe five cents worth of copper. Insane! In any case I'm glad that this scrapper is offering the aluminum molds for sale and didn't just junk them all.
  22. TED

    Blowmold prices

    American Sale has more reasonable prices on their blowmolds so I thought I'd post a link. Hopefully this will at least be useful for those of you in Chicago or nearby. (Unfortunately it's a bit far for me.) I noticed that the toy soldiers and the candles are $19.99 (which is a lot better than 40 bucks)! https://www.americansale.com/pages/search-results-page?q=blow+mold&page=2 They were even a little cheaper than Menard's! https://www.menards.com/main/home-decor/christmas/outdoor-christmas-decor/c-12293.htm?queryType=allItems&Spec_ProductType_facet=Blow+Molds TED
  23. I wasn't aware of that book. it's really cool that it contains images that you contributed! TED
  24. Congratulations on finding the Dapol lamps! I don't think I've ever seen any of them around here. The LED "flame" bulb(s) is cool! TED
  25. You are welcome! Hey Mel! I'm so glad to see you posting again! I certainly understand your point. A simple acknowledgement shouldn't be too much to ask. Oh man don't get me started about the online prices! In addition to the outrageous price the shipping is usually a deal breaker. However it does not make me want to sell my 'molds. Yep. It doesn't make me want to sell off my 'molds but it does discourage me from buying new ones. Most of the ones I've bought in the last few years have been used. That's not just because of price though. There haven't been ver
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