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  1. >Well I get back from church and dad is like guess what. Im like what, >well him and mom were like the lady from across the street called and >was just going on and on about how they loved the lights. I'm like, yeah that's really cool that your neighbor is into it now! TED
  2. crazyboy wrote: I think it looks better to outline structural features such as rooflines and windows with C9s or ropelight. Minis don't make a good outline. Even if you get the wires strait the bulbs are pointing every which way and you don't end up with a strait or uniform line. It is possible to make outlines look good with minis but it takes quite a bit more work. You either have to position every single bulb with a clip (or other means such as staples) or use enough of them bundled together so that the "bulbs pointing every which way" become uniform. You could put a bunch of strands to
  3. chris_8812 wrote: There were 5 main companies that made blowmolds. The last year for Santa's Best, the company that made the Disney and Warner Brothers blowmolds, was 2003. They quit making Taz and Tweety long before that. The last year for Grand Venture and TPI was 2004. The only items from those 2 companies is what was left in stock after 2004. That remaining stock was sold to some small chain stores none of which are near me.:X :cryingsong: The remaining 2 compaines that are still producing blowmolds are General FoamPlastics and Union Products. Union is the company that originally made
  4. Several nice pieces there! The two elves (first picture) are worth a good amount considering what they sell for on eBay. I didn't know that the Tiny Tim came in 2 different color schemes. TED
  5. TED

    Need Help.

    Here's the method that I've learned from past discussions on this. I haven't done it butthis isthe method I plan to use. Make a bend in the metal rods (wires/prongs/legs/etc) that hold up the reindeerabout 1 inch from the end. The 1 inch section on the bottom should be parallel to the ground. You may want to bend that 1 inch section into a "U" shape where the "U" would lay flat on the ground. Then use 2 2x4s (or 2x2s) and lay them out parallel so that they are spaced apart the distance of the metal rods on the reindeer. Use short pieces of 2x4 (or 2x2) to connect the 2 long ones. (This should
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