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  1. TED

    Huge score

    Did you ever sell extras that you didn't want? TED
  2. Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't checked in here on the blowmolds forum in a while. I'm embarrassed to admit this to you guys but I watched a cheesy Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel. There were a lot of blowmolds in the movie and something funny happened with some of them. This was not the main plot of the movie but in the movie there were 4 guys who were friends. They met regularly at Marc's house because he was the only one in the group who was single and lived alone. The first time you see the 4 guys together they were watching a ball game on TV. One of the 4 was wearing a Sant
  3. You're the best Chuck! It's really great the way you are always looking to improve PC. TED
  4. I think you have the right idea but maybe the wrong material. You need a thicker plastic. Something like the top of a plastic storage bin maybe. (I imagine that you can buy sheets of plastic too although I'm not sure what to look for exactly or where.) Also you can find some things in hardware stores (Home Depot, etc.) to use. There are some plastic covers for electrical boxes that are round. (A square one could be used for the Santa's Best molds I think.) There are also '"test caps" for PVC plumbing pipe that are round and come in various sizes. I'll give this some more thought and s
  5. Kroger has had all their Halloween stuff on sale for half price since about 2 weeks before Halloween. I suspect that further discounts are coming. TED
  6. Man I'm having sticker shock at some of those prices!!! $40 for a toy soldier is 4X what they used to sell for not so long ago!!! TED
  7. I wonder if it's the scrap metal dealer that bought the unsold 'molds? TED
  8. C9 sockets for SPT type wire (zip cord): https://www.actionlighting.com/c9-replacement-christmas-socket-pack-100pc-bag-100slac9skt/ https://www.creativedisplays.com/products/spt-1-c-9-sockets-green-for-zipcord/ Pin type sockets for regular (Non SPT) wire: https://www.actionlighting.com/intermediate-bakelite-pin-socket-pack-25pc-216sk-731-2/ https://www.creativedisplays.com/products/pro-grade-c9-intermediate-base-bakelite-twist-on-socket-black/ TED
  9. That's awesome. Thanks for posting it! TED
  10. Please post pictures when you get it set up. I want to see those bumper cars! TED
  11. Hmm, I don't see any picture(s). I did get some kind of a catalog a couple days ago but I have no idea if it's what you are talking about. TED
  12. I do remember seeing those but I couldn't tell you when or where! I thought they were pretty cool. You should post a link to where you saw these in case anyone else is interested in getting one. It would be a good thing to post in the "Heads Up" area of the forum. TED
  13. I was on board as soon as I read "candy cane light poles". Then I saw the picture. Great job! TED
  14. TED

    Huge score

    Awesome! That definitely counts as huge!! TED
  15. You have a very nice display! I like the way you have "virtual" Santa directing the show. I have to say that song made me feel a bit sad because the author seems to be missing out. TED
  16. Oh my goodness...that was painful to read! Why didn't he give them to you!? It just never ceases to amaze me what people will throw away. I've seen people in the neighborhood rent dumpsters (which is very expensive) to throw away perfectly good things. I've seen furniture, guitars, an air compressor... The air compressor was in one of those "bagster" things. I tried to get it but it was too heavy for me to lift. When I came back the next day with someone to help me the bagster had been picked up. I can't understand paying hundreds of dollars to throw away perfectly good stuff. If it's
  17. Both ears are the same. They are just put on at a different angle. So you can use the ear that you have for a model if you want to try to make one. I remember once somebody posted about making an ear out of wood. Since the ears don't light up it wouldn't be noticeable once it was painted. No, the cow ears poke into a hole in the head. The Goofy ears are held on with a screw. No. The ear is a completely separate piece that is attached with a screw. There are other ways to make one that don't require a 3D printer. You'd need a high dollar 3D printer to print something as
  18. Mel I'm sure you are right. I feel tired just thinking about it! I have thought about picking up a box of the smaller size "can liners" (clear trash bags) at Sam's to use for the smaller 'molds. I bought a box of the biggest size a few years ago. The 'molds I always have trouble with are the ones that are too big for the large size can liners. Usually they are just 3-4 inches too tall so that the bag can't be tied. My rate of acquisition has slowed down a lot although I have picked up a few here and there. TED
  19. Mel, Your post reminded me of something I forgot to tell you about. I remember a few years back I had asked how you make the bags and you told me about using the "Seal-a-meal". The following summer I went to "Bargains Galore on 64" which is where people all along highway 64 have yard sales (similar to those World's longest yard sale events). Of course I was on the hunt for blowmolds but did not find any. Late in the day I was at one sale where they had already started packing up. I was looking around at the stuff they still had out and found a Seal-a-meal. I asked the lady how much
  20. You should leave all the ones that are Halloween on the porch and start lighting them up in a few weeks! TED
  21. It would be nice if they would get reasonable on the prices. I just can't see $40 for one candle... The sad thing is that they were probably only worth a fraction of that in scrap. I don't know the price of aluminum scrap but steel is about $5 for 100 pounds. Even if Aluminum was $50 for 100 pounds that would mean that a large mold might only be worth $50. I just don't understand scrappers. He (the scrapper) could have just said here take them all for double the scrap price and it would have been a good deal for everyone. <heavy sigh> TED
  22. 3D printers might be able to make some of the replacement parts that are no longer readily available. I think 3D printers might do a great job on things like carrot noses and Goofy ears. TED
  23. I picked up 2 Frankenstein monsters and a ghost that someone in the neighborhood put out on the curb (with a bunch of junk). The monsters aren't too brittle but you can see cracks that don't go all the way through the plastic. The ghost is falling apart. I wonder if there is anything that we could paint on 'molds when they get brittle to give them some strength. I wonder if there is some kind of epoxy and/or polyurethane paint that could be used that wouldn't melt the plastic. TED
  24. TED

    GFP Closing

    Well, I guess there's no need for me to call then... I could use a few extra candle flames and stuff. I'm with you on that! You can probably make one that costs less and is better quality than the original. They play music? TED
  25. TED

    GFP Closing

    You would have to say, "Ho Ho Ho This is a PEPPERMINT stick up!" I'm sorry to hear about that. Any time there's a "reorganization" watch out because bad things frequently follow. Hopefully it will lead to something better for you guys. Maybe (hopefully) something good will come from it. TED
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