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  1. What part of the country do you live in? If there is someone local to where you are it would be much easier to facilitate a swap! TED
  2. It appears that there is confusion about the term "triple tap". I think it's actually a slang term but in any case a triple tap is simply an adapter that you plug in to a single outlet which branches into 3 outlets. The simplest way to plug in 5 reindeer (five?) and a sleigh would be to use 2 cords that have 3 outlets each. I would not go to the trouble of wiring all those cords together. That could limit your options for future setup. If you want to make a custom cord then make a custom extension cord with outlets where you need them rather than splicing up all your light cords. TED
  3. Here's a nice article about Christmas catalogs. It's not specifically about blowmolds but as much as we talk about catalogs I thought some of you might enjoy it! http://christmashistory.net/history-of-christmas-catalogues/ TED
  4. I went back to the same walmart that I went to before and found that the signs still said 50% off. So I grabbed a few items and headed to the scanner. They all scanned at 75% off! I didn't buy anything because there wasn't anything I really wanted but how stupid is it that they are too inept to change the signs!?? TED
  5. Ron Lister does something similar. Check out his website: www.christmaswonderscom TED
  6. Reading about all these different Lidco pieces and seeing the pictures makes me wonder just how may different types there might be. I wonder if there were differences in construction based on who was assembling them on a given day. There could also be differences based on the supplies on hand. For example maybe they ran out of red poinsettias and when they ordered more they were white. There could be an almost infinite number of variations! TED
  7. I can't even imagine how many concerns there would be in setting up a museum. I can imagine it would take a lot of time. That could really cut in to the time available for researching and collecting. You and Kev (and others) have really created an "online" museum with blow-molded.com which might just be the best of both worlds! I do remember seeing a Christmas museum on one of the Christmas specials on TV. I think it was called the National Christmas Center or something similar. Maybe one day a place like that will add blowmolds to their displays. TED
  8. They come with C7s. I don't think any 'molds come with C9s. Item "C" at the link below is the add on socket available either with or without a clip. I think these are for 18 gauge SPT1 wire so they may not fit properly to add on to the C7 cord sets that come with blowmolds. If that is the case you would have to make up a whole new cord set using the proper size wire. TED
  9. I can almost feel the warmth of the flames through my monitor! What kind of candle is that one in front on the left that is different than the others? TED
  10. Is it on the inside or the outside? If it is on the outside (which seems more likely) then you could strip the paint on his gloves and repaint them. TED
  11. That one must not have been out in the Sun. It looks to be in mint condition! TED
  12. Part of my previous reply to this did not get posted so let me try again. I read the information at the "Christmas Designers" link you provided. If you read it carefully what they say (paraphrased) is that the SP2 is better for Sunny locations because the thicker insulation will last longer when exposed to UV rays. They do NOT say that SP2 has UV inhibitor. Here is the exact quote, "The only situations we find that SPT-2 is necessary is when the cord will be out during the summer months. UV is the #1 enemy of lights and electrical cord and by having insulation that is twice as thick, you’l
  13. I don't claim to have it exactly right but SP1 and SP2 have to do with the thickness of the insulation not UV protection. I agree with you about the plugs. If you mix up the sizes you will not get a proper fit. I think you are right. The information you provided the link to notes the use of "W" and "X" relating to outdoor use. (I have not yet read it in detail to understand it completely.) TED
  14. Thank you for posting the clarification. I thought maybe I was missing something! I can't quite remember exactly what it was that caused people to be leery of using speaker wire. (Apparently it was NOT the AC power thing!) TED
  15. I didn't realize until this thread that you were interested in candoleers. I have a bunch of candoleers but I don't know if I have any of the ones made by Empire. Most of the ones I have are the ones that take C7 bulbs for the "flame". I'll try to watch for that as I go through them. TED
  16. Shipping is always the deal breaker isn't it? Of course you can always drive to Chicago to get them! TED
  17. I have ordered a lot of stuff from Monoprice including cables and have always had good service. They can't touch that deal on 200 foot cables for $14 from Deep Surplus though! Mono has a 75 foot cable that is $14. Their 100 foot cables are $17.75. I don't see any 200 foot cables. TED
  18. Are you sure about that? It looks like a Hobby Lobby coupon to me! TED
  19. Here is what I have seen so far as of Monday 11/4/2013: Michael's 80% off Fall and Halloween: There were no lights or decorations--only craft stuff. Target 70% off: The signs all said 50% off but everything scanned at 70% off. Lots of pumpkin pails. Only a couple boxes of lights. Some costumes, party favor stuff, and candy. Garden Ridge still 50%: Quite a few boxes of lights and other decorations. Walgreen's was 50% off of select items. I didn't see any lights. The last couple of years they haven't gone any lower than 50%. They left it out at 50% for a week or so and th
  20. I don't think Mr. Christmas makes wireframes any more. You may be stuck with the used market. TED
  21. That is really cool! Where are those located!?? TED
  22. I have a tendancy to ignore any of the fabric covered decorations so I haven't noticed. But, all the stores either have Christmas out or they are putting it out. I would just shop around and see what you can find. TED
  23. Have you checked your local stores? The standard sets of ropelight are usually 12 feet and usually you can connect them together so 3 sets would do it. You might not find yellow but right now you can probably find amber or orange in the Halloween clearance. You can find other colors with the Christmas lights. Most of the stores (walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, Garden Ridge, etc.) already have Christmas stuff out. In a pinch you could buy clear and paint them with either Krylon Fusion or stained glass paint. TED TED
  24. TED

    C7 Strings

    Have you checked walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby, etc? They all have some Christmas stuff out already. If you are just looking for standard sets of 25 then local purchase would be your cheapest, easiest option. TED
  25. For the last couple years Walgreen's has sold some promotional (I assume) sets of LEDs for $5.00 that were available in either multi or warm white. I believe they were sets of 50. They should be on the shelves soon now that Halloween is over! TED
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