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    The letters I get telling me how the display has made their Christmas better.
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    112,000 lights with 50,00 as spares. Running D-Light hardware and AURORA sequencing software.

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  1. This is similar to having a pneumatic live truck truck mast frozen. Sure cure is large abounts of windshield deicer fluid (sold in gallon jugs). Simply heating only serves to melt the ice and allows the water to migrate to another area to re-freeze. Deicer will prevent the water from re-freezing.
  2. Well, this town is just about ready to give me a stroke! https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=618755831520035&set=a.223811481014474.59095.122424534486503&type=1&theater
  3. Friends don't let friends post while on a caffeine jag.
  4. All money comes directly out of my pocket, just like most folks here. The grant money was from the state to the town to tear up...uuhhh 'improve' the street. I'm not involved in that in any fashion other than it having a negative effect on the show. As to relocating - I'm a one-man-band, no help available, setup/debug takes a month, and realisitically, no time or place to relocate that would have sufficient power to handle it - just a tad over 100k incans on 256 'old fashioned' channels and three full universes of DMX. The street has no place for vehicles to turn around other than private driveways, and I'm not about to impose an inconvenience on the neighbors. Police???? long and tragically hilarious story that I won't get into here. Will try to post a pic of the street tomorrow so y'all get a btter idea of the situation. I appreciate all the input!
  5. Thought better of it. Didn't want to get charged with vandalism. It's odd how I can stand outside in 30 degree weather busting my butt for hours, and yet the construction crew that has the street torn up can't seem to work in it. Thinking about doing ONE sequence. Jingle Bells by the Singing Dogs with a voice over denouncing the town council and making a remark about things in this town 'going to the dogs'. Drop the attenuation on the FM transmitter, and let it cover the whole town.
  6. Here's an idea go decorated the barricade....um that wont fly every one would stack up like cord wood I just might go out there in a bit and wrap a few hundred strings of bad/rejected lights around their equipment. These guys are definitely union - start at 9, stop at 12, back at 1 and quit at 3.
  7. Things were going so well.... Got a phone call from the town cop an hour ago stating that the road construction that has one end of my otherwise busy street closed off, will not be completed 'any time soon'. With the number of old people on this street with medical conditions, I cannot in good conscience allow the street to become impassable in case an ambulance needs to come this way. So, unless something changes, Christmas in Equality will NOT be running this year - the first time in 10 years. If you need to vent, talk to the town council that has been sitting on this project for several months and only now decide to do it or lose the grant money assigned to it. I am so going to miss the smiles and looks of wonderment I brought to kid's faces. The one thing that made it all worthwhile. Going to go dig out the Bushmills...
  8. Flanigan

    Leg Lamp

    Lots of polyurethane. Will make the shade stiff, however.
  9. Could not find styrofoam balls locally that were 1' dia. Online sales of them wanted 15$+ for them.
  10. Yup! Just untie the string used to pull it up there. If it doesn't come loose - there's always the 12ga.
  11. I'm going a bit overboard with these. Have two 20' megas that will have 8-10 on each, then 3 maple trees that the remainder will be hung in, along with a few dozen light strings. Hanging them is easy-peasy. See that cylinder in the lower left corner? That is what I've dubbed a "coaxial air cannon".Nice and compact as the air reservoir is around the barrel rather than being an external tank hanging out to dry. Will launch a golf ball/pull line 120-ish feet vertically, so pulling up the balls and light strings are fairly easy. "just point and click".
  12. Thanksgiving night or whenever it all gets done. Usually the latter.
  13. I usually try to add a couple new sequences to the show each year while removing a couple for reuse the next year (rotation). That way the show doesn't get quite as 'stale'. Yes, Whizzers in Winter only happens every two years. LOL
  14. Here are some pics. As you can see, just one string doesn't work well, TWO strings is juuuuust right.
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