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  1. I'm doing my first mega tree on a flag pole. It will be 17' high with a 6' diameter. I was going to do 16 channels of each color with 2 strings per channel. I've noticed a lot of you do 8 or 12 channels per color. Is 16 channels too much for a tree this size?
  2. Does anyone know of a long lasting, durable shingle clip for C7's? I have a customer who leaves her lights up year 'round so she can light them for different holidays. This year after about 40 days of 100 degree temperatures we had to go replace about half of the shingle clips due to the high temperatures baking them till they were brittle and breaking up. If anybody knows of something for this application, I sure could use some help. We've got to have an answer for her soon. Thanks, Tim
  3. Storeytime

    C7 LED's

    Thanks all. I got a quote from Reinders today.
  4. Storeytime

    C7 LED's

    I've never used any LED's so I'm unfamiliar with how they look. I'm pricing lights for a customer that has amperage limitations, so I'm looking into C7 LED's. If it was my own house, I'd just try them and if I didn't like them, take them off. But, I have to sell these to the customer and I want to be sure they look right. This is just static and it's a basic "lining all the roof ridges and eaves". Do the LED's look similar to the old C7's? I would normally use clear C7's. Would I use warm white, cool white? Also, can someone recommend a good place to get the 1000', 12", 10amp C7 string
  5. Michael, It's August and I'm just reading this thread but I wanted to respond to your question. I am a Christian who loves everything about Christmas including shopping and Santa. I've always had a sign in my yard that says: "He left angels and glory to lay in a bed of hay, He came to pay a debt He didn't owe, To save us from a debt we couldnt pay." Last year I was busy doing a float for our local Christmas parade which inlcuded LOR and a snow machine. By the time I was able to start on my house, I was already running way behind schedule and in addition to all of this, I had to cut down a
  6. I've used an inflatable snowman (Walmart version) for 2 years. I keep it connected 24 hrs a day because I don't like how they look when the power is off. It's still going strong.
  7. I'm very sorry to hear about your accident. Please count me in for a sponsor. I'll contact Jeff for mailing address.
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