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  1. BACK FROM VACATION!!! I am sorry for anyone who was trying to reach me....Just got in last night!! I will try to go through the messages... I am going to in the next day or 2 make a list of everything I have left.. ALMOST all my ext. cords are gone!! I only have a few left... if you are looking for prices on items..please check out the link in the first few posts..its for photo bucket..some prices are on there... if there is something you want...(and shipping has been about a dollar a pound).... even though you may of sent me an email or a PM..please resend.... I
  2. sorry all the white trees are sold! thanks beth
  3. IF I have forgotten someone...please pm me or message me... I think I have gotten all the messages sent!! Thanks!! Beth I still have c-9s and c-7s the santa sleigh the ferris wheel the carousel and all the other inflatables. and LOTS of ext. cords!
  4. GLAD to hear you got your cords..thanks for letting me know!! Take Care Beth
  5. HI, I tried to call but the phone was cutting in and out.. I was not sure what you wanted the ferris wheel or carousel. Please get back to me Thanks Beth
  6. i will measure and yes still have white ones and brn ones
  7. lights alone weigh 28.00 i have 16 clear (48.00) and 3 blue (9.00) i dont have large enough box for all of them..i will have to out today and look!
  8. zip code and i will weigh them.. beth
  9. Blow molds now added..i only have a few..and I know the Penguin is HTF..checked ebay and my price is still lower than ebay! Thanks for looking! all prices do not include shipping! http://s266.photobucket.com/albums/ii251/buckbeth/Christmas%20Stuff/
  10. working on it right now..going to upload to photobucket
  11. TINSEL SNOWMAN has found a home! THANKS
  12. IM willing to bargin.. need to get rid of this stuff and only have a few more days before vacation!!! it will still all be for sale once we get back..but was trying to raise some extra for vacation!!! MYRTLE BEACH here we come! LOL
  13. i have 100 ft and 50 ft cords orange but i also used the small indoor cords..that are white and brown..just covered the ends in tape. 100 ft 7.00 50 ft 3.00
  14. yeah i have a few.. ill get pic in just a few mins beth
  15. OKay..here is what I have... 4- c-9 clear holiday living 3- c-9 blue enchanted forest 7-c-9 clear enchanted forest 7-c-9 red holiday living 9 c-7 Clear holiday living 4 c-9 green hobby lobby and holiday living I still have inflatables santa in airplane snowman 8ft santa 8ft grinch mickey mouse snoopy I still have the gift boxes 9ft carousel 7 ft ferris wheel was display..i took it down and it worked tinsel snowman I have tons of clips and light stakes I have the 5ft animated santa in a sleigh ( he is from lowes) NIB a
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