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    Conway, South Carolina, USA
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    I was born and raised in Prospect, KY, just outside of Louisville. Lived there until I was 20. Started decorating for Christmas there in 1993. I currently live in Conway, SC, near Myrtle Beach, and travel extensively to dances and music festivals all over the southeast.
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    Acting, Dancing, Playing Music (Mountain Dulcimer), Traveling, Calling Dances, Hiking, Camping, Biking, Weather Watching, Hanging out with my new Nephew-- Bodhi W.K. Pierce
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    Contra Dance Caller, Musician, Fedex Kinko's (now FedEx Office), Actor
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    The 2007 display consisted of 29,998 lights (yeah, I was just mildly miffed that I came THAT close to 30,000), 105 strobes (OK, if you count them as Christmas lights, then I topped 30,000, but STILL...), 248 channels of computer control utilizing the Light-O-Rama software and hardware, just one week of sequencing adding up to a total of about 12 hours (don't ask, long story, but I pulled it off and lit up December 22), 3 songs ("What Is Christmas" by TSO, "O Holy Night" by Bart Saylor, and "Appalachian Snowfall" by TSO). The display included icicle lights in blue and white that chased across the roofline, multicolored bushes, an artificial tree on the porch, a ropelight palm tree, a 15-foot mega tree, and 48 light bars that were laid on the ground in an arching formation with loops at the ends across the yard.

    It was a lot of very hard work, but it was all worth it for the memories that it made this past Christmas.

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