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  1. Had two more things happen today. I fell off the ladder, twice!:shock: Both times were in the exact same spot, from the exact same height, and less than 2 minutes apart. I was up hanging cords, and I started down, and stepped off one step too early instead of walking all the way down, and tumbled over. And you would think I would have learned the first time...:} Note to self...make absolute sure you are on the bottom step before you step for the ground.:laughing:
  2. I agree as well. Most of the questions can be asked in the particular forum. And if someone doesn't know where to post, we can always direct them to the proper forum or post in a reply to what they ask. Now, the one I'm curious about is the old mini PLUS forum. I kind of liked it, seeing who was planning what and when, even though it usually wasn't near me, though hopefully that may change in the near future.
  3. Does this mean we're definitely doing a mini next year? We'll let a Kentuckian in. Bring a few friends as well. I'm down in Charleston just about every other week, and have been for the past 2 years. I guess it's time to start planning what we'll do at our mini now?:waycool:
  4. No go tonight. Some of you may have read my post last night (I forget where, but if you look around I'm sure you can find it) that I fell asleep at 6:30 and didn't wake up until after 11:00, and was pretty addle-headed after that until sleep again after 3:00. But I did finish wiring up the mega tree, and got started on the rest of the yard. Will continue on it after supper tonight. I'll do what I can tonight, and after class tomorrow (just one), I'm going to make a store run to get what I need to finish setting up. Then I'll have to go to Surfside Beach to dance for a bit, but after that to
  5. jen grissett wrote: Is that a challenge?:smilingelf: If you want help with your LOR, I'll be more than willing to try and help some. Not sure exactly how much I would be, but I can try to be as much help as possible. If we're going to compete, you need to have your stuff ready and a-rarin' to go!
  6. I can't really answer your question because I'm not sure about that myself other than I've read a little about it on here. I must say though... I love your login name.
  7. thyno z wrote: Same here. Though I probably won't do anything this year since I"m not quite organized enough with things this year. Next year, though...
  8. Larry Hazeltine wrote: Yeah, I noticed...thanks.:devil:You can have them back! But otherwise, would something like this count asdisasterous: Just about everyday when I'm hanging lights on a ladder I do the same stupid thing at least once. I get up there and can't figure out what I was going to do. I look around trying to figure it out, and then look down, and realize that I'm empty handed...I've left the lights I was going to hang on the ground!:laughing:I swear I do that ALL the time.:smile:
  9. This past Saturday I was at the house of some friends of mine down in Charleston helping them hang their lights because their usual light hanger has been in the hospital for a long time. A couple of hours into it, we started talking about ladders, and I was telling them how bad I dislike going on ladders, though I had been on one most of the day there, because I'm afraid of heights and falling off. All this talk of ladders... And I fell off the porch!:laughing: I was still talking about ladders, took a step, and down the stairs off the porch I went a-tumblin'!:waycool: No seriou
  10. Kenny Greer


    Brad Caudill wrote: Brad, the good news is you do have a few days... The bad news is, it's only 1 week and 2 days that you have until the 9th!:shock: Good luck to you. Don't work too hard. Have fun, and get it done.:ornament:
  11. Kenny Greer


    Stephen Blue wrote: Haha, I'll have to money in my pocket whenever I get up your way!:laughing: Great post! I loved it.
  12. jen grissett wrote: Ack! Another Jen!:shock: My younger sister's name is Jen, too. Welcome aboard, and enjoy your stay at PlanetChristmas!:happytree:
  13. tkhowse wrote: YAY!!:waycool::waycool::waycool::waycool:
  14. jen grissett wrote: Our stores have been rather blah this year on stock. Just about all of them were so much better last year. I went to Target about a week ago, and I probably won't be back there this season, unless I decide to check out the sales. The best selection of stuff I've seen that I like is at Lowes right across the street.
  15. I cut all of mine off, too. I just don't like the idea of wondering if they can be seen from the street. Even if I walk out and can't see them, just the idea that something might slip irks me to no end. Haven't had to deal with it much this year, since I haven't bought any new lights. I fear that I may be dealing with it, though, if I go to the after Christmas sales. I guess I'll have to get up and get out early for those this year, since if I don't, Jen will most certainly get all the good stuff and leave the rest behind for me.:laughing:
  16. Kenny Greer


    After Friday I'll have lots of time to do stuff. Now if only I could find a way to get that time BEFORE Friday! :laughing:
  17. I've decided I'm going to make a go at lighting up Thursday night. I have my work cut out for me. I have class all day until 6:00 Wednesday, but if I can dedicate myself after I get home, I think I can have everything set up, wired up, and ready to go by Thursday. There's a chance I might not make it, and I'll have to light up Friday, but Thursday is my goal. The forecast so far is looking good. Nice and sunny! Now lets see if Mother Nature has the same plan as the local mets do. It's about time for me to shine! :waycool:
  18. tfischer wrote: Tim, Your post didn't imply that at all. I agree with what you said in your post. Now I will admit that even though I am a Christian, I'm not "overly" into most of the controversies that get started over this kind of stuff, because I think people of all walks, and both sides, tend to throw these things way out of proportion. But this line in the article really frosted my rear: "Please remove your nativity scene? That's the part that disturbs us. We have the lion (statue) and the Santa and Mrs. Claus and they specifically point out the nativity scene? That's ridiculo
  19. :cryingsong::cryingdevil::devil: The way I see it, if you want the yard to look a certain way, you buy the house. Otherwise, don't make a fuss when someone does something to it that you don't like...it's theirs. On the other hand, I can see that places have rules, but I do believe they have gone overboard. Feel free to disagree with me on any of this. But I have a feeling from what I've read so far that most people won't.
  20. Welcome on board! It's great to find yet another South Carolinian who is addicted to Christmas displays:waycool: I don't have any blowmolds...yet, but am interested in possibly starting to collect a few in the next couple of years. I'm usually down your way a couple times a month, and I'll probably be down again before Christmas. I may have to swing by and check out your display if I make it down. I hope you find PC a friendly place, and make many friends in lighting through it. And maybe we can start thinking seriously of a SC mini PLUS next year now. Where'd that mini forum disap
  21. tfischer wrote: I put the boxes under the tree. The thing is, though, that I don't use one string of lights to go over the top and back down. I do one string on one side of the tree, and another directly across on the same channel. They each hang on individual hooks on a topper. So I run a cord across the bottom from one to the other. It just dawned on me (don't know why it's taken two years to think of it) that I could try to work it so that the female end of the one string is up at the top. It would make for some interesting moments hanging probably, but it would probably be worth look
  22. You can't burn out Brad:shock: I'm going to be out your way a week from Saturday. I'll understand, though, if you need to take it slow. Or if you want, I could come out early and help some.
  23. You should see the mass of cords under the mega tree! You can't hardly see the base...and that's with only 28 channels on it... And I'm not even finished yet!:shock::laughing::laughing::laughing::shock:
  24. :? My head started spinning when I read the name of the topic here! Got me bunches of them, and they would stretch a long way... That's as detailed as I can get right now, but they will stretch a long, long way.
  25. I'm ready for tonight. No problems here. I'm ready to sit around and play games with my family, which is what we are planning on doing. I decided a couple of days ago not to light up tonight since I would not be ready, so I will be lighting on Sunday night. Good luck to those of you who are about to light up!
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