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    CDI leds

    haha! I love it. We can dream big, can't we?
  2. I prefer the cool white look, and for no other reason than my eyes, and (probably) faded minis. With my mini lights, the golds and the whites, especially in videos, tend to look the same. When I'm watching my videos, I cannot tell the difference between the golds and the whites, even though the difference is lots better in person. So when I read that the warm white is closer to the white of a clear mini, and the cool white has a sharper and more wintry and/or slightly bluish hue, I want my LEDs, even though the colors are more "clear," to be as distinct as possible. So I choose the c
  3. Kenny Greer

    CDI leds

    He did mention several times in various threads here...not sure if it was on the website, though (but I will admit, the thread was very long and got rather cluttered, so I can see how it could get overlooked or lost) that this year's lights would be the M5 instead of the M6 variety. Now the two replacement bulbs...that's a puzzle. I guess I'll have to wait and see when my order comes in.
  4. I used over 100 of Darryl's strobes last year, and to my knowledge, lost none to the elements, and I did not put the holes in as recommended. I will hopefully be getting a few more for this year. Now I did lose three strobes last year...one didn't work out of the box, and Darryl was very helpful and quick to replace it. The other two I got a bit rambunctious with and pulled the base out of them. But to my knowledge, no others were lost. I can't recommend any others because his are all that I use to date. But I am very happy with what I've got.
  5. I thought some of those lights that I saw there looked awfully famliar... I'm looking forward to them getting here, even if it does take a while longer. The only problem is, my plans have adjusted somewhat, and I'm a-fear'd that I may not have ordered enough!
  6. You have to admit, it was a pretty darn good guess. And to answer Snowlover's question, it looks to be in or near Charlotte.
  7. I thought that looked odd myself. I believe the date was the 27th, but I haven't seen anything official, yet. Of course it's been a few weeks since I've been around here, so it's possible I might have missed it, too.
  8. From what I've gathered so far, it is a combined "Carolinas" mini, but it is being held in Charlotte, which is right on the border between the two, but technically in NC. This is one that I WILL make it to this year if it kills me!
  9. sawyer1206 wrote: That's right, if it's a "high pressure" wrap.
  10. ProLawn wrote: I'm not there, but I'm up in that area all the time. I did sign up to be a mentor, too. If you're interested, send me a PM, and we can try to work something out sometime where we can talk/get together.
  11. I'll be saying goodbye to mine tomorrow night. I was planning on lighting it through Saturday, but here's my logic as of yesterday: I'm in a play, and "Tech Week" is next week. I work Sunday, and have rehearsal Sunday night. I work Saturday, but have all afternoon to do whatever I want (in this case, need) to do. So tomorrow will be the last night for the lights for this season, and everything will start coming down Saturday.
  12. I'll be saying goodbye to mine tomorrow night. I was planning on lighting it through Saturday, but here's my logic as of yesterday: I'm in a play, and "Tech Week" is next week. I work Sunday, and have rehearsal Sunday night. I work Saturday, but have all afternoon to do whatever I want (in this case, need) to do. So tomorrow will be the last night for the lights for this season, and everything will start coming down Saturday.
  13. I'm a musician (Mountain Dulcimer). But I don't necessarily do the sequencing any certain way. I tend to listen to music untilI find a song that I like, listen to that song until I get an overall idea of something that I want to do with it, and then try to place my idea into the grid. It all really depends on what you like.
  14. kenj30 wrote: Don't forget about the two most important ones: patience and perseverence
  15. geogecko wrote: That's good information to know. Thank you. Is there any way we could see an actual "lit up" comparison between the 4 colors before deciding what to buy? The ones I'd be concerned about in this case would be those that geogecko and I have mentioned: Warm White, Cool White, Blue, and Gold
  16. Am I strange for being the only person here (at least it seems) that likes/prefers the cool white? My reason for this is that I've had a problem the past few years, mainly in video, but to a pretty good extent in person, too, with distinguishing the yellow/gold from the white incandescent bulbs. Of course it could be due to my bad eyesight (no I'm not colorblind...just very nearsighted), but when I first saw the cool whites in LEDs, I instantly loved them (couldn't afford LEDs until this year, though, and I loaded up on green and red at PLUS). I basically want to distance my white and gold/
  17. musicman wrote: I did a 15 foot mega tree with Paul's LEDs this year, and (in my opinion, since it's what I wanted) the 50 count 17 foot lights worked perfectly. They stretched from the top (female plug end at top), to the ground, with the male plug right at ground level, or just a couple of inches up. This gave me an approximately 8 foot wide base.
  18. paul sessel wrote: I'll beg, plead, bow down, whatever you request, to get LED icicles in white and blue. But either way you decide on them, count me in on the group buy.
  19. Start small and grow. My first two years I ran with 24 channels. Then last year I jumped to 80. This year I went a little nuts, but it was worth it. There's a lot that you can do with a little. Pick one feature out of several that you want to do, and work on it for next year (while planning for the rest in the future, of course). And if you need encouragement or help, you've got a couple of locals here to help you out.
  20. This is very simple. You live in Pawleys Island, so sometime before January 5th (preferably Saturday or later, since I'm still working on getting everything totally finished), drive up to Conway and show her what it could be like. Pretty much the directions go like this: Go to CCU...if you can get there, you can get to my house. It's literally right across the street. I used to walk to school in about 7 minutes. Wow, it's been a while since I've posted here (or anywhere for that matter). The new nephew really threw a monkey wrench in things, and I fell way behind, and am just about caugh
  21. Like the others have said, Greg makes nothing off of this. In fact, I believe last year (somebody correct me if I'm wrong, please) that all of the proceeds from the DVDs went to help fund PLUS. I don't know if it's the same this year or not, but either way, I can confidently say he's not making a profit. As a matter of fact, I was more than happy to pay for my copy (which the submitters do) last year, and I was so impressed with the job that he did that I bought all of the previous copies when I got to PLUS!
  22. Robin wrote: So you're saying that when I view my candy canes from my driveway, it really is telling me something about myself?:} I love this thread. Because of it, I'm leaving my candy canes in the attic for this year! I eat them curved side first, apparently am not correctly handed (I'm right handed), but they are good at reading my mind according to Robin.
  23. Up until last year I would run all 7 strings of 150 icicle lights across my roof in one run. I knew I was pushing it, but it worked, and no fuse ever blew. Then last year, it was one string per channel of LOR. While people will say that the reason for the 3 string rule is to lessen the risk of fire, shock, etc., we all know that it's really just to make you have to go out and buy more extension cords.:laughing:
  24. darrylb wrote: Thunder Over Louisville was actually what got me interested in doing synchronized lights, back in 1994. I lived in Louisville until 2001. But I went that year (1993 was my first year doing Christmas lights), and I said to myself "I want to do that, but with a little less 'noise'." So lights seemed the best option. I've been thinking about simulating the fireworks waterfall effect for a few years now, but haven't gotten around to it, yet. My plan was to use chasing icicle lights sets strung all the way across the roof.
  25. RJTexas wrote: They do that every year. Even Dr. Gray does that as the season progresses. They put out an initial prediciton in December based on the conditions that they predict will happen, update it in April based on the current conditions, and any alterations that have taken place, update it again right at the first of June (first day of the season), and then I believe again in August. And generally they are off by a couple of storms. They usually are actually on the low side, predicting a few, and then the actual number being higher. 2006 was an exception to that rule. While 2007 has n
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