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  1. I've started absolutely nothing! But tomorrow after I get off work I will be dragging lights down from the attic to begin testing them. I still have a few mini trees to construct, but that wont be any big deal. The two big deals that I haven't started on at all yet are: 1. Display construction, which will begin on Halloween 2. Sequencing...that's right, I've been slacking on that a bit this year due to lots of other commitments, some involving sequencing. I won't mention the number of channels (I have my work cut out for me)
  2. I ordered from Paul for the first time at PLUS, and am very pleased with his service. Everything works great. The only problem is that just a few days ago I realized that I only ordered half of what I needed! My math went awry somewhere. I will definitely be doing business with him again.
  3. Last year I used 80 channels (had 104). This year there will be 280.
  4. mike wrote: No! I'll start hanging lights November 1st. First things up each year are the icicles. Then the bushes, and then the obvious items--namely the mega and mini trees. Lightup is Thanksgiving night (I'll die of absolute joy if that actually happens...I lit up Christmas Eve last year). Have lots of songs to sequence (haven't even started yet), have some LOR things to put together...the only thing I actually have done so far is go to PLUS and get more stuff that I don't have time to work with. That, and if you'll look at my signature below, you'll see what I'm contending w
  5. BadSCR wrote: Oh I bet that was fun getting the solid color strings made...OUCH!!
  6. Darryl, It was great finally getting to meet you at PLUS. I've always thought you had a great display, and have always wanted to add your strobes into my display. I'm very hppy with the purchase that I got from you, and look forward to seeing them in action in the yard come late November!
  7. Oh! That sounds like a really neat idea, Thyno! I hadn't even thought about that. But now you've got me interested. But maybe for a couple years down the road for me. Might do some experimenting with the concept here in the meantime, though.
  8. I noticed that, too. And my favorite is "Appalachian Snowfall." But I already voted in your poll. It wouldn't be fair to vote twice.
  9. My favorite one isn't on the list! But that's OK. It'll be in my show (again). I'll go vote now.
  10. In the past I've had around 4,800 lights on my mega tree. I'm "planning" on going to around 19,000 this year. You should see the ungodly number I'm thinking on for next year (I'm not telling).
  11. Philip wrote: Just look at his profile. :} Under occupation. I look forward to hearing what you have in store. Good luck with it all!
  12. I like that very much! That is a unique idea.
  13. When how you refer to what you put up in November changes over the course of several years from "display" to "show."
  14. When it's your birthday, and you don't really care, because all you can think about is Christmas! 26 years old today!:waycool:
  15. Don, I run the same hours (though all the way to midnight Friday and Saturday), and have yet to hear a complaint from anyone. My nextdoor neighbors love it. We only had speakers this year, and they have a one year old, and mom asked them if they heard the music, and they said yeah, just barely, but they enjoyed it. Everyone that Iv'e talked to from the neighborhood loves it. The County Coucilman that lives in the loop across the street won't stop bragging. And we had a County Sherriff pull in the driveway the other day while I was at work to tell my parents how great it was, and how much he ap
  16. musicman wrote: I'll be honest with you, mine was sitting over a hole! It was like the trunk went up right over the center of the hole, and the base sprawled out over it to hold it in place. I would be difficult to do that on a hill, though, depending on the nature of the hill. Any chance you have a picture of it handy, or could get one?
  17. I'm not sure if this will help you, since youmentioned using PVC, but here's a link to my post that I made back in September about how I make my 15 foot mega tree: My Tree It worked for me. The thing to remember is that you need to do what you feel most comfortable doing, and what you think will work best for your situation. I have not yet seen anybodys mega tree out of all of them on PC that I would not be proud to sport in my front yard for a season.
  18. This year I learned that when it comes down to it, when you're bogged down with life in general, it is possible to come up with a musically sequenced show that you're proud of in a relatively short period of time (less than a week in my case). You have to be willing to lose lots of sleep, and set aside several hours and have the patience of Job, but it can be done. I lit up fully for the first time Christmas Eve night (yep, with a planned lightup date of Thanksgiving night). With an awful schedule, I did not get started sequencing my first of 3 songs until the Sunday before. That one took 2
  19. Art Ritchie wrote: There's nothing more I need to say than "what he said." I actually got so far behind, and was changing my plans almost daily in order to get it up in time for Christmas that I just lit up for the first time last night. And I turned on my first musical sequence tonight. For a first try, I'm happy with it. I'm working on two more sequences to add tomorrow night. So yes, with all the changes, I actually began working on a sequence that would be used for the first time on Sunday!:shock:
  20. I was watching your webcam earlier to see what was going on with the parties. I just checked it again, and it looks like it snowed a little more than what was already there earlier tonight!:smile: By the way, Richard, your display looks beautiful (checked it out in other threads on here, too).
  21. A couple of other important things to decide: 1. How much time are you willing to spend working on it. 2. How much money are you willing to put into it. Quite a bit can/will be determined by those answers.
  22. My back yard gets absolutely no traffic, so I pretty much leave it alone. During the summer, I store my mega tree in pieces back there. Come to think of it, right now I'm storing my mega tree in pieces back there!:laughing::shock: If things work out, raising it will be this Saturday's project.
  23. I wouldn't mind warmer weather (even in SC), but I don't think summer would be a good idea...it stays light outside way too late! (unless we could get them to get rid of daylight saving time, instead of lengthening it)
  24. I'll get out there and film mine for you as soon as I can. I would do it now, but I'm not finished, yet, and there really ain't that much out there now!:laughing: But it's coming.
  25. greenmeanie wrote: I would take that as a compliment. :} I've got neighbors getting antsy and aggitated because my lights aren't on yet. They will be. As of right now, I'm shooting for December 15th (due to life in general). But the neighbors won't be let down.
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