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  1. I'm running a little behind myself (note mass amount of sarcasm). I was hoping to light up Thanksgiving night. If the weather cooperates (which it should), I get up fairly early (which I should), and I feel decent (which I should), I might just be able to get started hanging lights outside tomorrow! That's how behind I am right now, starting to decorate on the day I wanted to light up. It's totally my fault, though. I just got done directing a Christmas play, and acting in it. I don't have very long to decorate, because I found out yesterday that I'm directing another play, and auditions ar
  2. What's the weather? **Kenny runs and starts banging his head vigorously against the wall** Lets not go there right now... Things have been so ugh here lately that I haven't even started out in the yard, yet. So needless to say I won't be lighting up Thanksgiving night like I had wanted to. I'll give it another week or two. I will get it up, and it's going to be big, but I'm not going to stress myself.
  3. DownTown wrote: You've got S.A.D. too? that's one thing that I definitely love about SC compared to KY, there is actually sun in the winter, and I do so much better overall through the colder months. It still happens, but it's not near as noticeable here.
  4. Robin wrote: Now that, my friends, is probably the most well written paragraph of the whole 5 pages! It tells what we're all about, and doesn't point out anyone in being wrong at all. We are a family. We'll have differences of opinion and disagreements like any regular family. But Robin just hit the nail on the head with this statement.
  5. Ashleigh, I was the exact opposite of you when I first joined PC back in August of 2001. I was terribly intimidated (I won't get into that, we've been through it before), and shy, and during my first 4 years, probably posted 30 times total. Fast forward to 2005. I came out from hiding. I've actually met several people from on here (that mini PLUS was fun), and also been to other people's homes to help them out. It's a great feeling to know so many wonderful people that share our passion. No need to apologize for what happened. I didn't even see it, but it can't have been too bad. I've
  6. chuck myers wrote: Now that would be a nice thing to happen! I've had the light fairies tackle me from both directions. Some strings that were bad have turned good, and some that were good have turned bad. And there's always, as mentioned above, the ones that hit you right as you raise that mega tree into the air!
  7. I, for the most part, agree with Robin, and a lot of others. I think real names are more personal, and it is easier to converse with a Tim or Robin or Logan than it is with crazycontradancecallerinsc (that would be my personal pick). But at the same time, and I will keep the names private, I have had PM conversations with people in the past on this board who have told me very valid reasons that they don't use their real names in a public forum like this. And I don't blame them at all. I know their name, but it's not my place to let it out, or to tell them that they have to, either.
  8. My dhoo moment: Sunday, May 21... "Kenny will direct 'Sorry! Wrong Chimney!' The dates for his play will be November 3-5 and November 10-12." Me: "OK, sounds good, I'll do it." Putting up the display is enough work. Then I stupidly agreed to direct the play for the same time period. And there's more to that... Now I'm in the play, too! But things are working out. We're halfway through, and then next week, it's display buildin' time!
  9. Santas Helper wrote: And believe it or not, that's actually being renovated, and is changing for next tornado season. An F5 will no longer have to have 261 mph winds. And there will no longer be an official F6 rating either (it was never used, but the current scale actually goes all the way up to 12). An F5 will be winds of greater than 200 mph, with a bunch of other stuff added in. It'll probably actually be harder for an F5 rating to be achieved now. As for the trees: I think it's kind of neat. I have no clue what I'd do with one, and I've not ever actually seen one other than in that
  10. That's a nice tree. I like the thickness of the lights on it, and the color. It's a mini, but for those who doubt that, maybe you could call it a "mega mini," or a "mini mega."
  11. Mary Jayne wrote: I did. It's called the "squat and jump!":waycool: None of the stickers actually stuck, thank goodness. It was 1:00 in the morning at the time. My family was all still awake, the front door was propped open to let the night air in while I was outside, and dad had said a couple of weeks before that all of the cacti had been taken out except for a couple on the side. I knew where those were, too, and I wasn't anywhere near them. When I squatted, first thing I did was turn around and shout "Dad, I think you missed one!"
  12. I also will not squat on a cactus. Haven't done that since 2003, but I still remember it quite well!
  13. crazy4holidays wrote: Ha. You're right! It is. ***in sarcastic, exasperated tone because of the time of year*** Thanks for reminding me.:? That goes to show how much of a procrastinator I am. I'm trying desperately to figure out how to tie in this particular post with mega trees, but I can't seem to do it. Sorry!
  14. I will not fall off the ladder more than once this year. And that once will be either over the yard, or over bushes. Driveways hurt...see below I will remember how bad falling off once hurt last year, and then how much worse it felt 5 minutes later when I fell off again in the exact same way from the exact same spot.
  15. ErnieHorning wrote: Now that was funny!:laughing: **Unless of course it were to actually happen**
  16. I've certainly thought about it. It's actually on my to-do list, but not this year. It's still a couple years away. I've got a trick for it up my sleeve for next year, though, that I'm not sure if anyone's ever tried or not. Also thought about doing a couple of interior trees. So that you can light them up starting at the ground, and going out/upward, so as to gve the appearance of the tree growing. I think that would be neat, and it's on the plate for a couple years out, too.
  17. I'm with everyone in that you need to work on getting your grade up. Though I admit, the teacher can have alot to do with it. Back in 7th grade (13 years ago), I had a class that I was failing. I had a blatant big "F" in there. I had done all of the work and turned it in on time. I kept telling my parents that I had done it. I did one assignment 3 times. The first one I did and turned in. The teacher said he never got it. I did it a second time with my mom watching me do the homework and I turned it in. The teacher said he never got it. I did it a third time with my mom watching, and then she
  18. Lakecom wrote: Your trees are all so pretty! Wow. I've not worried about the bottom kicking out from under it. It hasn't happened (but that's not to say it won't). My base is a little over half of the height, and I think it would be OK with just that, but I do put a couple of concrete blocks on two of the base pieces just for extra peace of mind. My main worry when I first built it was the trunk/extension holding up the weight of the lights. But it's done wonderfully. In 2004 it held 4,800, and I upped it to 9,600 in 2005, and it still held without a problem. I'm considering upping
  19. I love the sshot of the tree from across the lake. That's beautiful! I just posted a topic on Friday about how I build my tree. It's somewhere in the vicinity of 15' tall, give or take a couple of inches. Made completely out of wood, can be constructed and deconstructed each season, and is freestanding. The one that the shot from across the lake is of kind of reminds me in a way of it, but it's a little different, too. We all have our own ways, or modifications of ways to do it. You just need to pick out what you think would work best for you, and take it from there. Here's a link to my
  20. Wow! That display, both Halloween and Christmas, is going to look awesome, but you'll never catch me up on a ladder like that. Not so much for any stability issue, but me in your place on that ladder= stinky mess to deal with when I get down.:laughing:
  21. Welcome back, Doug. You probably don't remember me much because I was a lurker back when you posted all the time. You were one of the many here that helped to inspire me, though. Glad to see you around.
  22. I've used C7's along with icicles for the past few years, and did multiple runs of icicles (for different parts of the night) last year. I string them all individually. I start with the C7's, for the same reason JR mentioned. Then I slide the icicles in under the backside of the clip, and it holds them in place (I use the same clip...C7 in holder part, icicles clamped under back). It's worked for me. Now if I do everything I'm thinking of for this year, it may be too much, but I'm going to try it. The worst that could happen is I'd have to hang them twice.
  23. I did that back in 2003. The main problem is making sure you have enough gas every night to run the display for as long as you want (I had part of mine on home power, and part on generator that year, which created a nightly problem of "when will the gas run out"). Then there are two other problems you run into: the noise that the generator makes (though you can take measures to reduce that, but it won't go away), and the price of gas to keep it filled each night. It did what I wanted it to that year. I had never used it before then, and unless something tragic happens, I personally won't do
  24. blearning wrote: I somehow knew I'd eventually see my name pop up here. Bill's right, it's totally free standing, made out of wood. The total height is 15 feet, give or take a couple inches. Alas, Friday, when my hard drive failed, I lost all information about it, including the pictures, so what's in the link that Bill posted is all that exists about it now. I had taken the measurements, and put them on the computer, then in one of my hairbrained "Kenny you shouldn't do that" moments, threw the paper version out because I knew that I wouldn't need them anymore. I was going to post
  25. tfischer wrote: It might have been. I don't remember it being quite that high, though, but I could be wrong. But then again, I didn't buy a whole lot of extra lights last year since I had most everything I needed already, so I looked, but will also openly admit that I didn't pay a whole lot of attention (or anything else) to the lights. I know the main thing that seemed strange to me is around here, all of the stores stayed the same as 2004 except for WalMart, which raised the prices on theirs, making them more expensive than the other stores around here (excluding some of the minis at Lowe
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