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  1. JR V wrote: No problem. It's an honest mistake...the numbers are right next to each other on the keyboard. $1.98 is still pretty high compared to what they were here last year, though. But when you look at that, and then prices online, it's no big deal that they'll probably go up a little in the store. And speaking of keyboards...I'm having a hard time getting used to my dad's laptop keyboard. I hit the "left click" mouse button with my wrist all the time when I don't want to while I'm typing, and it does all kinds of things I don't want it to do then, so if it looks like I'm typing
  2. Wow, it looks like quite a jump then for this year. It's amazed me the past few years, how lights got less and less expensive. Two years ago (at least here), every store except Lowes, which I've grown to like more than the others actually, had lights for $1.62. Last year, Lowes, I believe got down close to that, Target and Home Depot stayed there, but Walmart raised the price to $1.74 (always low prices, you say...). But for the most part it held steady. From what I've seen in this thread, depending on where you shop, they may rival the price of gas, or even an extension cord this year!
  3. He's right. The primary colors for pigment, and the primary colors for light are different. I don't remember entirely which color combinations in light make which colors, but I do remember the all on=white, which was already mentioned.
  4. kamahilights wrote: For us there are three things: 1. PlanetChristmas (PC) 2. PlanetChristmas Lights Up Symposium (PLUS) 3. Mini-PlanetChristmas Lights Up Symposium (Mini-PLUS) The good thing is...these aren't here to cure us, they help to feed the addiction!:santa:
  5. Carrie Sansing wrote: Nah, not dim. Just an Energy Saver.But don't put it into a Super Bright string!:shock:
  6. Perhaps you could have the chimney top white with blue smoke (that was my first though). Or you could make the chimney yellow, with white snow. But then you get into that "Yellow Snow" situation. Or (if you're usuing the computer to control it), do the white chimney, with a combination blue/white smoke, and fade at constantly different levels between the two. Maybe someting like blue full on, and white faded way out in the smoke column, but both fading to different levels? Experiment with a few things that you think of, and gather from others here, and let us know what you like.
  7. HOA's can be a good thing, as long as they know their rules, the concrete definitions of their rules, and they enforce them in a fair and just manner (same rules for everyone, not different for different people). I've lived in two HOA's, including my home now, and they've both been very well-run (for what I know), and very decent. Now, HOA's that state that you have to have a specific type of tree a specific age planted in a specific location in order to cast a specific shaped shadowin a specific part of the yard on a specific day of the year for a specific amount of time on that day, and
  8. As true as what Dan just said is, and as much as I would need it for that, I probably would not be able to resist the temptation of giving him the money and getting 16 more channels of LOR. Another option would be if you don't use it, to hit the after Christmas sales. $200 will buy a lot of lights before Christmas, but it will buy a LOT of lights after Christmas.
  9. Very good advice there. Also, like a lot of hobbies where you acquire things, the first year you decide to do a big show will probably be your most expensive. The initial investment in extension cords will be huge (if you've not done anything before, or have only done small stuff). You have (depending on what you plan on doing) speaker costs*, radio transmitter cost*, controller cost, program cost*, and the cost of lights and other materials (items with a * are things you'll "probably" only need to plan expenses for the first year). After that, you'll be getting more controllers, more cords
  10. Wow! I like the way that looks. Good job and great thinking. And I, too, agree that the star could go up a couple of feet.
  11. I can't give all the specifics, because I got my star as a gift from my parents while they were on one of their trips. It's an 18 inch star, and they got it from Christmas Done Bright. They also told me upon returning home that I HAVE to go there sometime! I have yet to make it, though. PLUS 2007 will find me there, since it's close to Gatlinburg.
  12. Actually, the Christmas Amusement Park already exists. It's called Holiday World, and it is located in the small town of Santa Claus, Indiana, about a 2 hour drive west of Louisville on Interstate 64. It originally opened over 60 years ago as Santa Claus Land, with just a Christmas section, and since then has grown to include themed areas of Fourth of July, Halloween, and the newest one (just opened this year), Thanksgiving. It's one of the most popular parks in the country (perhaps world), with 3 world-class wooden coasters: The Raven, The Legend, and The Voyage. A couple other important n
  13. Randy G wrote: Let me know when it opens. I'll be there!
  14. Do you really want me to answer this?? Lets put it this way...I'd go completely bonkers...the rest can be left to your imagination, because that may mean different things to different people, even in the art of Christmas displays.
  15. Robin wrote: Haha, good one Robin!:laughing: Used it many times. I hate labels more than...more than...(I'll let you know when I think of something that I hate more...can't think of it right now) What drives me nuts? That strand that you test, and it works. Get it out and where it goes...it doesn't. Take it down and test again, it works. Hang it, it doesn't. Test it while hanging...it doesn't. Take it down, it does. Leave it plugged in and hang it...it works until...you get it hung, then it stops. No matter what you do, including working with every bulb, it refuses to obeyme while it's h
  16. Carrie Sansing wrote: Carrie! You have a tear down schedule very similar to mine! Even down to the month...
  17. I'm usually busy doing final tests on lights that go on the first things to be decorated on Halloween night. The next day, November 1, first free minute I get, I'm out decorating. I may have to alter that this year a little... I got a little adle-headed and agreed to direct a play that's being performed the first two weekends in November. But the plus side is it's a Christmas play! I'll probably never deviate much from my current November 1 start date, even this year with the goofy decision making that I did. I just have to be more vigilant at getting it out and together for my Thanksgiv
  18. Jordan Marosell wrote: I actually thought about doing that at my place. I have two trees. This year, if plans go the way I'm thinking, they are going to be the "frame" of my display. I'm planning a static display that'll take up the whole yard for a bit, and then when the music show starts, everything will be very central and intense right between those two trees. The idea will work. It actually sounds very similar to my mega tree. Only difference is yours would be on a live tree. And neither of them (mine or the live tree idea) require guy wires.
  19. I personally can narrow it down to three...my three would be red, purple, and yellow. That's based on two things, my personal preference for how I would do it, and the height you mentioned of the tree...10-15 feet. If you get too much out in front of purple (green or blue), you'll be getting a pretty tight and bright tree...very skinny in other words. Mine is 15 feet, and it's probably just barely under 8 feet wide at the base. I still like red best, with yellow a very close second. You have a nice yard, with a lot of good possibilities! Don't stop with what I say. Work with it some. Pictur
  20. Visibility through the mega tree will be determined by how thick you plan on the lights of the tree being. That's why I make my tree all the way around, instead of the way my parents wanted me to-- just halfway. You can see through, and it gives it a more full appearance. So unless you're going to have nothing but solid wire (guests will look like :cool:in the middle of the night), you shouldn't have to worry too much about seeing stuff through the tree. If I'm understanding correctly, you'll have it connected to LOR? So it wouldn't be on all the time? Am I right? OK, location: don't by any
  21. Kenny Greer

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    Great starter, Jeff. And another thing to possibly do is introduce yourself to us. Tell us a little about yourself. Jeff started a really great thread a while back that has been pasted as a sticky in the "Dasher's Diner" forum called "Hi. I'm Jeff and a Christmas Light Enthusiast!!!" That reminds me, I still need to go over and post in that one!:laughing: Also, the more information such as location that you give, the more people who live near you can help out. Someone might also be planning one of our famous Mini PLUSesnear you, and if they know your location, they can contact you about po
  22. jen grissett wrote: Sounds to me like a trip to Florence is in store. And as long as it's a Monday or 3rd Saturday, I'm up for a trip to Charlotte.
  23. blearning wrote: Ha! You're funny, Bill. Message received. (in trancelike state...starts walking aimlessly toward anything with branches)
  24. Wow, Nickie! That's amazing! Great display for the 4th! If only I would have talked my parents into driving just a few more miles north...but we only made it up to Ocean Isle Beach this year. Don't worry, I haven't forgotten about those measurements, either. Things have just gone somewhat crazy here. But I haven't forgotten at all, and I will get them as soon as I get a spare moment.
  25. Vic Fortenbach wrote: Same here. At least I've not heard of a Garden Ridge nearby. I think there might be a Hobby Lobby in Florence, but that's an hour away. Maybe next time I go to the Monday auction in Darlington I'll find out.
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