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  1. Jeff_Womack wrote: Oh wow! I did not realize that. Thanks for pointing that out. I use the bouncing presents, so it's there for me. Sorry everyone for neglecting to look further! I have noticed the new messages problem a bit. OK, everyone. I officially declare my original post in this thread of "IGNORE QUALITY!":laughing:
  2. Carrie Sansing wrote: I know many people mentioned this, but yours was closest to the bottom, so yours is the one I'll pick to pick on.(Not really picking on the post at all, just stating a fact) There is (and has ever since the classifieds site opened up), a direct link at the bottom of every page of the PC forum. It's at the bottom of the page with the main listing of forums, at the bottom of each forum page, at the bottom of each topic page, and even at the bottom of this current page that I'm typing my reply on right now. Itreads like this: Important PlanetChristmas Links: Web Sit
  3. cghargis wrote: And don't forget, it'll also help to whiten you. Yes, I know I'm bad. Swat me with a strand of minis,put a dunce hat on my head, and sit me in the corner with a strobe to get everyone's attention that I've been a bad boy now. Really, though, follow Mark's advice. He knows what he's talking about.
  4. PLUS (had to do that), 12 is a multiple of both 3 and 4. That will make it easier, if you sequence to music, to use songs with both 4/4 and 3/4 timing (I'm making it hard on myself this year, but next year I'll be fixing it).
  5. Bill V wrote: That's a good question. It has gone somewhat crazy, hasn't it? While we're at it, though, the correct spelling of the language is with a capital "E." And yes, the period is inside the quotation marks, too.:laughing: Sorry. I just had to join in! Back to the topic at hand. I haven't used strobes in the past, and I don't currently own any. If I can make enough money to do everything I have to do outside of Christmas, and have some left over, I plan to purchase a few for this season. If anyone does find out how well these strobes hold up with their airtightness before de
  6. Just a thought (and this is with easels, since they're all I've dealt with so far...you can probably work it around your tomato cages, too, somehow). They might not be prone to tipping over if you make new ones and don't cut all the legs even. I'm not sure how that would look. I've got a mental image (on a garage, not mine...I know for a fact mine wouldn't work because it's facing a side lot full of trees), and I like what I see, but it's really something you'd have to try to see if it fits your taste.
  7. If you consider 16 to be quite a few, then yes. :laughing:
  8. Wow. I never knew that the colors meant all of that stuff. Thanks, Jeff! I do use blue solid-color lights because I like the affect, especially late at night, they create a dimmer, but still shining light.
  9. One light at a time... I actually did that for years, until I got way too many. Now I pick up a string and declare it either 100 or 50! Then add up my 100's and 5's to get my total. But I actually counted all 648 in my ropelight palm tree.
  10. jen grissett wrote: We can do that while we freeze the string of lights in the ice cube! We'll just have to have an upstate SC mini PLUS in the winter months. I saw Jeff's video in the "Finally" thread. Wow! Those bubbles are something else. The more I hear about them and see them, the more curious I get about using them. It'll happen one of these years.
  11. ktulu909 wrote: Very interesting idea. But spinning the other way would only make it another upside down tornado...in the southern hemisphere. It took me a minute to understand exactly what was being described, but I get it now. Start at the top point, and curve down and out. I like!
  12. Since Thanksgiving, we've been through a couple of different normals. Brad's right, this is normal, and I think this normal will be sticking around for a long time. It seems to me moving along pretty smoothly, and I like it...except for...:laughing:just kidding. And Tim did do an awesome job moderating this forum while he was doing it. I'm glad he's still around.
  13. jen grissett wrote: I do love that experiment...at least talking about it, and laughing about it. That was the most curious thing I'd seen on here in a long time when it had been posted. Jen, what do you think about decorations for our mini? Line the driveway with lighted ice cubes? I'll fill my freezer first, then we'll use yours, and the leftovers we'll sneak in somewhere! Now if we could get these to go through pumps, that would be something special!:] I used to have a fountain at our old house in KY, and it froze over one winter. I got it on film while filming my lights in 2000. I
  14. Good to see I'm not the only one crazy enough to have dreams of eventually adding fountains to the display. I've had some plans in mind, but they are still a few years off. Now here's a way to do that "light string in the bucket" test!
  15. Wow! That's an amazing simulator. I've toyed with the idea of doing something like that for a while. You may have just put the fire in me to actually do it (as a summer project probably). You've got such great ideas. Keep 'em flowin'.
  16. jen grissett wrote: Really? Hmm...I feel a trip in the future may be in store.
  17. You should have plenty of time to build what you want in the amount of time that you'll have. Don is about right onthe time that it will take to construct a mini tree. Mega tree...that depends on how you want to build it. There are many ways, and each one is the best for the particular person who is utilizing it, so you'll have to decide on how you're going to build it first. Mine's structure goes together and is set up in about 15 minutes, but it takes several hours to hang the lights on it, and plug it up (usually extended over a period of a couple of days due to weather, time, and lack of p
  18. Joel Lange wrote: That wouldn't matter with me. The only thing I have for them to mark up is a front yard full of relentless pine needles. I'll be honest, I've never really had an interest in adding bubbles to my display, but for some reason, this thread sparked one in me. Thanks, Jeff. Maybe it was the way the post ended/was worded...like the great contest of the bubble machines. I have other places to go before I add bubbles in, but they are officially on the list now. Be sure to let us know how the two machines do against each other at the Mini PLUS!
  19. jen grissett wrote: If the senior center wasn't on my poo-poo list, there is an AWESOME flag pole behind it that would make a good mega tree...THAT would be something to collaborate on!:] I'll have to take a picture of it one of these days when I go down there. Or if you're ever in the 21st Ave. N. area near Broadway at the Beach, cross Grissom and it'll be on your left...you can't miss it. Oh...and I have some plans for my mega tree for this year, too, that I might just keep a secret for a while...
  20. I didn't move anywhere. Just threw out a number. An outhouse? Don't you get me started...I love outhouses! Seriously, and on topic: I store the wood for the mega tree on blocks in the back yard. The rest goes up into the attic. I've been told I have a mess up there that I need to take care of now (apparently a box fell over). I'llnever get that to stop happening I don't think.
  21. OK, Jen, are you trying to out mega tree me? I'm telling you, this is going to be an all out war in Myrtle Beach! (speaking of which...our mini thread has kind of died...we need to enliven it a bit, don't you think?)
  22. Those are VERY nice, and extremely creative! I'm seriously going to have to think about getting into decorating for other holidays besides Christmas.
  23. light man wrote: We're going back to putting plugged in lights in water, now? Jeesh! (very funny joke, though) Welcome aboard, Danielle! As has been noted, there are many ways that people here build mega trees. They range from PVC pipes, to flagpoles, to giant towers in the yard, to my own version, made completely out of wood (stores well in pieces in the backyard)! They all work for the people who use them. It's pretty much just a case of what is your preference, and what do you think will work best for you. No matter what you choose, we'll all be here to help you out. And light man.
  24. jen grissett wrote: You have a barn? Oh I am so jealous. (Kenny starts packing stuff into truck to make the...10 minute trip).:?
  25. TED wrote: OK, now THAT was just plain brilliant! Way to word it.:laughing::laughing:
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