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  1. Haven't been on PC in forever, but thought I'd drop by and post something since I'm planning on getting my show up and running again in 2014:


    You know you're a decorator if:


    This will be your third year in a row being dark, and this year you're OK with that because it just means you get a head start...while everyone else is busy panicking about 2013, you are calmly laying the plans down for 2014.


    You can look at a sinlge bulb from the back of the house without being able to hear the music, watch it blink 3 or 4 times, and know to the note exactly where in the show your display is.


    (For those wondering...the first year dark was 2011...mom had cancer and was terminal and passed away December 13.  2012 I just needed a year off without the stress of 2011.  This year, by the time I decided to do the show, it was...well...far beyond any logical time to pull off a show of the size I do this year, so I decided I'll put out a few static lights and just be that much further ahead for next year.)

  2. There are little Kenny Greers, Old Kenny Greers, Beard sprouting Kenny Greers, Beer drinking Kenny Greers, hockey playing Kenny Greers, Billiard Playing Kenny Greers....but the second one on my search looks kinda sketchy. Are you related to him?

    There has to be a song in there somewhere...

    Not sure about the second one, unless he happens to be me. Or my dad...but unlike this Kenny Greer, dad is NOT on Facebook!

  3. I managed past it a time or two also. I tried to steer clear when possible. I just hope that my goof (whoever turned that second number on my name tag into another 3 instead of a 4...). I was tired enough to make that mistake, though. The person who got the voiceovers totally deserved to have them. I needed the little flashlight anyway (could have used it a week earlier, but I have it when I need it in the future).

  4. Wow...I go to work and nobody knows how to get in touch with me. I'll have to work on that.

    I did find out, and managed to get in touch with her. Looking forward to the big event!

    And if all else fails, you can always find me...


    But I really do need to hang out here more often. Haven't been on much this year compared to past years.

  5. I would also want to go to a house where there is a charity collection. Should I just go with whatever charity they collect for at each house, or should I ask that at every stop we collect for the same charity...something to do with kids, like St. Jude's (get it, Jude's!) or something.

    I have never (yet) collected for a charity at my display, although I have had it on the back of my mind for years. Is there any particular charity you feel very strongly about? I would be more than willing to raise money for whatever you would want to help out on your tour.

  6. Great tips that you have there. Another thing that I have not read often that I learned quickly back in 2006 when I first started sequencing:

    When you are first starting out, it might be a good idea to not necessarily start with a list of songs you are "going" to sequence, but instead to listen to many songs, and just keep listening with your display layout in your head.

    There will come a moment in one song the first time you hear it that you will immediately see the lights do something in your mind and know that you want to do this song so that you can make them do that (notice...it just happens in your mind in a random song...it is not constant listening and visualization of an already picked out song). It might be the beginning of the song, or somewhere in the middle (heck, it might be the end). But once you find that spot in listening, start there.

    Sequence that song first, before any others, and most importantly, sequence the section of the song that you visualized first, no matter where it falls in the song. Do not worry about tapping out or doing anything to the rest of it, yet. Just focus on that one moment. Once that one moment is perfect enough for you, go back and build the rest of the sequence around it (my song was TSO: Appalachian Snowfall...never even listened to or considered it until about 10 seconds of it hit me while I was driving around one night).

  7. It's is animated to music with animated lighting...and has a snowblower in the top...

    There's a snow machine in it this year? I really need to get back down to Broadway (you'd think I'd be there more often since I work across the street from it).

    The pictures of the trees are awesome. I can't imagine having two of them like they have.

  8. When someone brings me a package at FedEx wrapped in brown paper, I ask them the following:

    1. Can we remove the brown paper?

    I then explain why (the address/labels can come off and the package won't get where it's going when it has nowhere to go).

    If the answer is yes, I either let them remove the paper, or I remove the paper for them. If not I ask them:

    2. Can we sell you a box to put it in?

    If yes, they buy a box. If no then I give the option of wrapping the entire package in tape, which makes it a challenge for the recipient to get into it.

    Normally it doesn't get past question 1, and very rarely does it get past 2. I just want to make sure their package gets where it needs to when it needs to without any disruptions along the way.

  9. What was it...... oh yea Earthquake.

    Oh yeah, I forgot about that one.

    Seems we were doomed by natural and international events to not get them until September, but we did get them.

    I have no clue what I'm going to order this year, yet. I have only vaguely come up with any idea of what I might do with the display.

  10. He may not even have his own stock by July 4, let alone the group buy.

    Weren't we joking last year that all of the LEDs being used at the Olympics were ours? That was August.

    In all seriousness, though, he does try to get them out as soon as he can. Last year's got held up for more than two months beyond our hoped-for delivery date for some reason. I guess when they asked him how he wanted them shipped and he said "cheapest way...slow boat to China," they took him literally!:D

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