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    Started Christmas decorating at a young age when my Dad decided to decorate a tree outside and it's grown from that.
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    My display is around 75,000 lights and 200 channels of LOR control.
  1. Tennessee folks. I am looking for someone not far away to help Dollywood with their Animated Lighting equipment. I use LOR and have helped them with what LOR they use but my friend Toby who is head of the entertainment department at Dollywood is having some issues with Animated Lighting. He says tech support has been zero help and he is having issues downloading to the master brain. Is there anyone close that would be willing to pay him a visit or spend some time on the phone with him and is familiar with Animated Lighting. They are trying to complete the setup because the lights turn on
  2. Right now pencil in me and my wife (Mark and Kelly Johnson). We can make it but are trying to find someone to watch the kids while we make the trip. Hopefully will know for sure this week.
  3. Sorry it took so long to reply. To be honest I haven't hardly been on Planet Christmas since Christmas. I decided to take a break from the lights for a while but with Plus just a couple of months down the road I have decided I needed to get back involved. Any way thanks for the compliments and I will definately make plans to come by your display this year.
  4. Went by one of mine this morning at it was 90% off. I scored 84-100 count white, 24-100 count multi, 30-100 count phillips green and 16-100 count phillips red. This was the fourth straight morning I was there when they opened so I'm glad they finally went 90% this morning.
  5. My only fear was keeping Fulmer around any longer and getting the same thing we have the past few years. A lot of people want to talk about us getting to the sec championship game last year because he won out in November and he is the king of November. When you have homecoming, Vanderbilt and Kentucky all in November every year anybody could be the king of November. We made it because Georgia and Florida both blew it so I don't count last year as much of a quality year as most people do. I like Fulmer but I just think it was time for him to go and my opinion how much worse could it get.
  6. One thing about his dad making around 1 million is that his son took less money to cover his assistant coaches. Look at what Alabama paid for one head coach. A lot of people wanted us to pay the same and get a big name coach instead we hired a young up and coming coach and spending the rest of the money on the assistants. To me it looks like Lane is doing this right. Saban makes 4 million but lets see how easy it is to keep his assistants when they are making less to cover his pay. When you pay people well its easier to keep them around so I am excited about having a staff that looks like
  7. Same thing here. I went to one target yesterday morning and they were 90% off but two others I checked yesterday and today and they are still at 75%.
  8. Started two weekends ago with the roof. Last weekend got the roof finished and put my wood up along the top and bottom of the house for my house lights. Tomorrow plan on getting all the lights on the house and the bushes.
  9. No I have not talked to the parents. The ones I am most worried about the parents are the ones causing the problems. One of the neighbors told me last year that the neighbor I am having problems with asked her daugthers boyfriend to tear up the display. This is the parent that's doing this so talking to the parent won't do any good.
  10. Okay you guys have got me looking into this deeper. A couple of questions. 1. Should I go with a DVR, VCR or PC Card? 2. What about cameras? I don't know anything about looking for security cameras. What sort of specs should I be looking for. I found a package at Home Depot for around $300 with 4 cameras and the PC card included in the package. Should I buy a DVR for around $300 and then buy the cameras separately?
  11. Yeah Tim it was almost every night. I turn the lights on Thanksgiving night and it started around December 1st and went on until around December 20th. It was small things nothing big. They would cut one string a night or cut a guy wires for some small trees. I was replacing these things daily and I could never catch them because they were doing things that they could do in 2 seconds and then take off. The one night I caught them they were trying to cut the guy wires for my mega tree and that's the night I got the cops involved because I saw who it was. It's because of them no mega tree t
  12. I have some neighborhood kids that did something to the display almost every night last year. I caught them and called the cops on them and the cops went to them and talked to them but that didn't stop it. I also had a neighbor that hates my display with a passion and told another neighbor they were going to trash the display last year but never did. I have concern over this neighbor because each year they become more vocal and have a feeling they will stop talking and start doing. I can't really afford to go out and buy a camera system but thought about buying a couple of fake ones and pu
  13. Yes that's him. He has also developed a website called www.tnsantaclaus.com and is starting to really take being a Santa seriously.
  14. It's my dad whose the Santa. How did you know about that? I am only 32. I hope I don't look old enought to be Santa yet!
  15. I have to apologize but didn't know about anything going on Sunday. Looks doubtful that I could make it anyway. The radio station was easy. They had me on for an interview the first year that I did it and I thought I would take a shot and asked them if they would want to sponsor it and they said yes. I didn't think they would do it but they up and did. At the time I couldn't afford to do it myself with 3 kids and a 4th one on the way. To be honest they gave me money the first year and I have kept the sign out last year and will also this year but probably not much longer. I have so many
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