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  1. MPB

    Any luck so far?

    Thanks Paul, for making the trek way over to the southeast corner of the world. Our stuff certainly does look bigger and brighter from across the street. I park and watch it every time I come home when it's on... The twinkly star thingies are from Fred Meyer, a 10-star string per box. We have ten strings on each of the two trees. Regarding cable management, I use 18 ga. multiconductor cable for all the stuff on and in the house. Six conductor cable powers up to five circuits per cable, and most have plugs on the controller end and Molex connectors on the light string end. That really simplif
  2. MPB

    Any luck so far?

    It's three channels of color around each window and one of white for emphasis. Thanks for the compliment. I try to compensate for limited yard space with precision and neatness... Coolness is the ultimate goal in this sport, is it not? We're at 15134 SE 124th Ave. in Clackamas.
  3. MPB

    Any luck so far?

    Paul, your directions thingie on your website is broke. It just puts a star in the middle of Kansas. I don't think Hillsboro is in Kansas any more, Toto. Stick an address somewhere and I'll find it and come waaaaaay over to the west side and see yours and Darin's stuff one of these days.
  4. I wanna do pyrotechnics on my house. Trouble is, I could only do it once so it would have to be the last show of the season - or maybe my last show ever...
  5. MPB

    Any luck so far?

    Thanks Darin. This is our fourth year, and I must say it doesn't get any easier, but I pray that the quality gets better. The lights in the windows are C7 candles that I bought at Dollar Tree, then placed on little risers to vary the elevation. The four in the window above the front door ar actually a unit that I built from C7 sockets, PVC pipe, and 1x4. The plan is to replace the rest of them that way too, because the lightweight individuals move because of their cords and the interior window coverings. The window, front door, and arch perimeters and the line above the garage (I'd like
  6. MPB

    Any luck so far?

    Pretty quiet here for the last couple of days...I trust that means all is going well and you're all admiring your month's work. This year's premiere at our house was a day late, but fairly flawless. I'll be happy if it runs, for the first season ever, all month without needing a reboot. Here's a sample:
  7. MPB

    Mini in Oregon!

    Love to join you. Not for golf (or whatever that thrashing stuff is that I do that other people make look so easy), but to chat about Christmassy stuff. Narrow down some dates and we can make at least a semi-commitment.
  8. MPB

    Snow & Ice

    Our show has been running very well, despite being obscured by snow. I have a track of C7s on the lower roof that got dimmer and dimmer as the week progressed, and with the meltdodwn starting yesterday, I pulled some of the snow and ice off to re-expose them to the world. They also look brighter with the snow-reflector (especially the one I whacked with the broom). Unfortunately there's not much viewer traffic with our street in this condition, but it keeps on showing off well, maybe just to the neighbors, but we park out there and watch it once in a while... On with the show!!
  9. And hello to you Roger -- I caught your final Wednesday evening show, and it's pretty spectacular. You got a lot o' stuff going on. And I'd recognize The Demented Elf anywhere. If your lawn and roof weren't covered with snow, we'd likely be able to "see your house from space." You have a great spot for viewing there on the side of the cul-de-sac circle. My house is on the straight street section of our cul-de-sac, making optimum viewing for approximately one car. So perhaps our best viewing is on YouTube (search "mberck"). I haven't yet convinced our across-the-street neighbors to tear down
  10. Hi Renee -- I am on a trip through Idaho this week, and I drove by this evening. If yours is the home and yard that was lit after 9:00, your display is beautiful, especially in the snow. I tried to verify the address, but didn't see it, and there were no lights across the street. It would have been fun to be by to meet you on the 13th, but that was not my itinerary. I'm headed back to Portland Thursday evening. Merry Christmas to you and your fam!
  11. Last effort was to shut down and unplug the power cable (for at least 1 full minute), then disconnect all unused peripherals, which amounted to two USB cables that were not connected to anything and the parallel cable for my printer (which is not playing well these days anyway). When it booted back up, it played music cleanly and clearly. (I have a scheduled task that launches a WMP Christmas music playlist at 6:00 AM and plays until the show starts, and another that launches the playlist at show end until 1100 PM. I don't know why I do that -- nobody listens to it but me. Oh, wait...that's
  12. The "Windows" volume is at the midpoint. The Media Player volume is at max. Reversing those settings doesn't improve it any. Reducing them both to mid really doesn't fix it either -- it's lower but still distorted. This problem has been occurring on just speakers for months on this PC, so it's not related to the FM-100B, which accurately reproduces the hash that is sent to it. My daughter suggested that it's the sound card, which is on the motherboard. So I've reloaded the audio drivers (which Windows says is "working properly"). I have heard noise generated when moving the mouse and
  13. I am challenged this year by noise and distortion caused by my computer(s). I started this year on a new laptop running Vista, and found that during silent periods, as in between songs, there was a noticeable hash coming out of the PC's audio phone jack. Unfortunately it was still noticeable when the music WAS playing, so when the LOR show stumbled I retired it back to the desktop PC I used last year. On this computer, the silent parts are quiet, but on the full parts of the music it is distorted, mainly on the right channel, but it makes the soundtrack sound bad overall, whether just on PC
  14. I will be working on it!

  15. Welcome to Planet Christmas! I hope you find us lots of good ideas!

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