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  1. Looked like a horror movie prop in the before photo. I would have never known it was a Hamberger piece, at least as a rookie. Restore looks great.
  2. If only spring would get here! Weather has been tough in the NE since Christmas! Those look neat.
  3. Hello....is there anybody out there? Seems everyone is comfortably numb with no activity in the Hamberger Displays thread! There's got to be something going on. Any new finds, repairs, items for sale, news, or something? If anyone is out there, i am looking for the gnome holding the yarn for the Mrs. Claus knitting in the rocking chair if anyone has one for sale. Please let me know. Thanks!
  4. I think many of the lots can be identified at some level based on the descriptions and using the knowledge of people here. Man, I hope someone buys these and if they don’t decide to make them now, then maybe at a later date.
  5. Hi Mel, Yes, due to some health issues with my wife, we elected to move back in 2015. Actually did the big dislplay this year. Shame on me for not posting pictures. Ironically since moving back, I am seeing it more difficult and costly to find blow molds at yard sales and such like I used to pre 2006. The profit makes have caught on. Thanks for asking.
  6. For as many that are in bad shape, I see many that look good...and harder to find! And imagine how many you don’t see in the pics and just what could be in those boxes. I gotta think if someone went to his house and talked to him he would sell some in pieces. I would try if inkiv d near there!
  7. Those are cool. Looks like these mechanicals were made for just about any holiday or season!
  8. Darrid, Not sure if this could be another thread for you to start or continue it here, but do you think you could discuss the motor/mechanics used in these pieces and how to repair them, where to get parts or how to make new parts, how to adjust for different movements/motions, show pictures of how they work, etc?
  9. How do you find this stuff? Although I am a blowmold collector, I love mechanicals. I just never got into collecting them due to not be able to find them and the cost for new. Trust me, I previously lived in the northeast area of the country where it seems easier to find blowmolds and mechanicals and I went to a ton of yard sales, flea market, antique stores, antique shows, and plenty of big Christmas specialty stores all around the PA, NJ, DE, MD area for many years and simply was lucky if I've ever seen 1 or 2 mechanicals. I'm jealous!
  10. Thanks for that advice. I hadn't even thought about the weight issue. I am use christmaslightshow.com's setup with a crank, but I can still see weight being an issue. I was curious about having enough lights (would be using Minleon C9's, which are pretty bright).
  11. Planning my upgrade for all LEDs for next year...... For my mega tree, I thought about using C9 LEDs on cord with 12" spacing. I like this option because I can replace individual bulbs if they burn out vs. replacing whole strings. Of course, on a 20ft tree, this means only about 21 lights per string (16 channels) vs. 100 lights per string if I go M6 or C6. Could go to 6" spacing, but then basically double the costs. Is it a mistake for me to go this way? Should I just go with standard 100 light M6 or C6 stringers? Pros and Cons? Thanks in advance for the advice.
  12. When you say picked up, they had them in stock in the store OR you went and ordered them to be shipped to your home or the store for later pickup?
  13. A few pictures attached, Mel.
  14. The red bell is made by Irwin. I have several, one with the original shipping box that has the company identifier on it.
  15. Picked up Snoopy at Garden Ridge in Oklahoma City today (Macarthrur Road location). He is $59.99 there as well. They also have a large amount of other GF molds and still have alot of emply shelves that hopefully fill with other molds. They also have a few Halloween molds. I almost decided to wait out for a sale, but I am expecting they will sell out. And you are correct - it really does look good in person and the plastic is think and heavy on mine!
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