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  1. OK so the final chapter of this story is just too funny. I found out over the weekend that I won our development's holiday lighting contest. Well, guess who sponsers the contest? The HOA!! I love it. Happy New Year everyone. Jim
  2. In case anyone is still watching this thread, I finally received a letter from my HOA. It included a copy of the CC&Rs and it said that they would allow my lights aslong as no one complained and in the future I "followed the proper procedures" Well in the CC&Rs it specifically says that Christmas decorations are allowed and they did not have any procedure for approval. As my wife said, he must have had a fight with his wife that day and thought he would take it out on us!
  3. WOW, that's exactly the opposite of my HOA wanting me to remove the lights from the tree and bushes. I have not removed anything yet, I'm still waiting on a written request. He did make one critical error though. He said I can do anything on the building I want. Can't wait for he after Christmas sales!!! 2- 20' mini mega tree here I come!!! Jim
  4. Interestingly enough after I sent my letter to the HOA I have not heard a thing. In the mean time the "controversial" peace sign wreath story broke around here. I don't know if it made national news or not but an HOA wanted someone to take down a wreath because it was in the shape of a peace sign. The news got ahold of the story and 48hrs later they aplolgized. Maybe my HOA is afraid of getting too much attention. Jim
  5. The part that he really does not get is, right now, while I wait for my radiation therapy to start, I have nothing better to do than to fight him! I'll look at it as my little gift to the neighborhood. I really don't have a problem with our HOA. They do serve a purpose here. They take care of the landscaping, remove the snow, keep folks from doing REALLY bizarr stuff but, Christmas lights? Give me a break. I'm in the process of having all of my neighbors fill up his email box as we speak. Jim
  6. Hello all, So yesterday, the day before Thanksgiving, at almost 4PM. my doorbell rings. It's someone from the HOA telling me I have to take down all of my lights that are on the scrubs and trees. For some reason, the lights on the building were OK. I can't believe that this guy didn't have anything better to do on the day before a holiday, than come around and harrass me. I asked him if anyone had complained and he said, "No, I'm going around seeing what I can find." Well, needless to say, I am not removing anything, yet. I am planning on starting my shows tonight, and standing
  7. We have only lived in Colorado for the last 6 months. How far from Denver is Broomfield? Jim
  8. We just got back from the Stapleton "Symphony of lights" It looked great! My favorite was a pyramid of, I think, 9 trees hanging off the side of one of the buildings. Each tree has about 4 channels on it. Very nice. If you are in the Denver area it would be worth the drive. They are running everynight 'till New Years. Jim
  9. I was planning on going to the opening of that tonight. I didn't kow Carson was involved. I'm looking forward to it. Jim
  10. I have been "lurking" in this group for about two months and have learned a lot. Thanks to all of you!!! I have a townhouse in Denver, (in the Stapleton area). My whole front yard is only 24' wide by 11' deep. I have always wanted to do this, even before Carson's video, but never could get it together. I now have 3300 lights, 100' of ropelight and two inflatables (modified to control the lights) 16 channels and I have written 6 sequences. My controller arrived yesterday and for the first time saw me sequences run. I was already stopping traffic!! They looked great!! javascri
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