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  1. C7 Candelabra base light bulbs are available up to 15 watts, thats what I have in mine. If you MUST cut a hole in her, use an hole saw sized for the General Foam light kit. Nothing would be worse than a jagged hole in that mold.
  2. Ok, if these new molds actually make it to the stores, can we make a pact now that we will buy them at retail price BEFORE Christmas and not wait till the week after to "see how far they go on sale"?
  3. Wow. Exciting. Now we just need places to actually BUY them. Hopefully Young's will be able to.
  4. We FINALLY obtained the Mailbox and Santa's Workshop elves this year by way of English Gardens after Christmas clearance. Two to go.
  5. As I understand it to be, it was their summer line that actually made the majority of their profit.
  6. Not sure. I think she found it months ago on eBay or Craigslist.
  7. Threads need pics! The Snowlady has been my most wanted for years.
  8. She got me the Union SNOWLADY for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not that I had any doubt about it, but she is definitely awesome.
  9. Had one of those in my college apartment. Except we made it a 'naughty' list.
  10. Mel, do you have the version of the lamppost one where the entire lamppost is painted green, not just the lantern?
  11. I have a penguin from Union that is also completely paintless, I'm not sure how many they sold in that style, but it seems like it was an option.
  12. I use CFL's in all my Halloween molds with medium sockets, and so far I haven't had one go out. This has been in Michigan October weather. Christmas I'm still incandescent as I don't like the slow start up time the cold causes, if they even ever get to full. What's interesting is GF once had a short socket design, the long socket is their newer design. Not sure the reason for the change.
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