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    Discovering 25 people outside my home singing Auld Lang Syne new years eve watching my display at midnight.
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    Somebody sent me "the" WiW YouTube link asking me if that was my house. As soon as I saw that I knew I had to have an animated light display. 2 weeks later by the end of November I had 32 channels of LOR. That was in 2007.
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  1. Try swapping ELL boxes. You can indeed have "clones" of same ID'd boxes with the same Unit IDs running off ELLs. I do it every year and have 2 / 4 doing it right now.
  2. Please keep the forums. The world needs more than Facebook to communicate and socialize.
  3. Don't forget outlets and/or cat5 to your roof eves. run 4 wire 110v to each outlet so you can have 2 channels per outlet. run them back to a common collection point.
  4. Are you planning on reposting the video link to your mega tree with all the channels? It's pretty awesome and I had hoped to show it to a friend.
  5. Walmart in Mountain View, California has pre lit 6, 7.5, and 12ft green trees still on hand and @ 75% off. I was there tonight looking around and they also still have tons of white on green wire mini incans.
  6. Im waking up this thread hoping to find the now broken forum post of custom inflatables. I had some family health issues that derailed my holiday efforts for a couple years but I'm back- and on the trail of the Pug inflatable and hope to reach out to Tim to discuss.
  7. The lights used at the Coueur D'Alene resort for their holiday lights show are "cut off the trees and thrown away" every year. Story is the work to take them down carefully, store them, test them, and deal with failing strings the following new year is more than just getting new LEDs. Wow. We flew there to see the show and it's nice. As seasoned LOR sequencer I had hoped their animated tree would be a little better but still an overall great holiday experience.. http://www.cdaresort.com/discover/activities/holiday-light-show
  8. I'm sorta OCD about straight C9 eve lights so I've spent every Christmas tie wrapping almost every other light to white nails behind my eve facia and then sighting down them from the ends confirming all are straight. It is incredibly time consumimg and I get compliments but still curse it year after year. I have to decorate a second house this coming year and to save time I had been pondering 1x2 or 2x2 preprimed wood strips and screw in studs with wing nuts to attach the rails to the eves. I want to cry like i'm a carpenter and just saw an air nail gun... You know, you could then rotate
  9. if i bought some holiday trees @ 50% off can I go back and get the diff. refunded?
  10. Anyone chime in yet? I'm in Burbank almost weekly...
  11. Another alternative: X-10 sells a momentary contact plug in unit that you could install in the outlet next to the one that powers your door. Then as others have mentioned run the wires down in line with the button wires. Then have your computer/LOR send an X-10 command via an X-10 whole house interface unit. The cost for the interface runs 10 bucks from them as part of other specials and the relay runs about 25 bucks. My .02. -Doug
  12. Ummm I don't think all of those free songs are Christmas songs.... Here's a second link to the Amazon 25 days of free Christmas songs (1 per day) http://tinyurl.com/AmznFreeXmas (have no fear, I reduced the size of the mile long url to this) -Doug
  13. Warner Brothers Christmas songs with any or all of the following: Bugs Bunny Road Runner Tweety Sylvester ...or others Thanks! -Doug
  14. I wasn't a regular (mostly Nov->Jan) each year before the "nothing" thread and couldn't see at the end what killed it. I get a sense from reading other members posts that there are a few that feel they are on a different level (more into displays, more posts written on the site, etc.) than infrequent posters like me. Unless you're a total newbie to the site, it's like the ones who pontificate the most pick on or dismiss "seasonals" like me and that partially turns me off to the site. I have to admit that the "nothing" thread was entertaining enough to get me to come back throughout
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