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    Christmas light nut from Southern California.
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    12k lights 32 channels, LOR, show starts Saturday of Thanksgiving...Holiday on Holmar....
  1. WOW!!!! 40, and the cashier was giving me weird looks when I bought only 12, I would of love to have seen your cashiers face when they rang you up.... I do plan on going back today and picking up some more, since the sale is over today. I did connect 5 strands on thursday night and kept them on for 48 hours and no problems, just some FYI for you..... Steven N Azusa "Holiday on Holmar"
  2. here are a few pixs of the box and the add and the lights http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m258/blues911/IMG_0181.jpg http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m258/blues911/IMG_0183.jpg http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m258/blues911/IMG_0187.jpg
  3. Hey everyone, I am not sure if this a great deal, but I just saw in my mail that my local Kmart (Covina, CA) was selling Trim A Home, indoor/outdoor LED 50 count lights half off until Nov 11 at the low price of $4.99. I am not sure of the quality of these lights so I drove down and I picked up 12 boxes, they look great and at that price I am sure they will not last. Well if anyone has a Kmart near them it might be worth the time to take a look..... Steven N Azusa "Holiday on Holmar"
  4. No luck at the Duarte, CA Homedepot store. They had christmas displays up but no multi colored rope light, when I asked I got the deer in the head light look. If anyone in so-cal is lucky enough to find it please post. Steven N Azusa "Holiday on Holmar"
  5. This will be my 3rd year with Lawn Lights and they work GREAT! Everyone who sees my show loves the lawn lights and are just in awe when I tell them they are just one very long string of lights. If you are thinking of getting some of these, just do it...they do cover a lot of area and are very easy to use. Steven n Azusa "Holiday on Holmar"
  6. A good place to check is any Ace Hardware store, there are two close to me that have a good selection of lights and vaious displays. Steven N Azusa
  7. Yeah I got mine today and my kids and I love it. My 7 yr old son saw it and he said he wants to be a lighting engineer when he gets older.... Thanks!!!!! Steven N Azusa
  8. I cannot wait to wear mine!!!! Thanks!!!! Steven N Azusa :happytree::happytree::happytree::happytree::happytree::happytree::happytree::happytree::happytree::happytree::happytree::happytree::happytree:
  9. Hey folks, I am a New B, and just wanted to share with all the fellow NewB's out there a video from my display. This is the last song I play during my show. I knew it was a hit when the other night I heard two vans outside and some kids yell out of their car , Its Aly & AJ... My show last 24 minutes and has 6 songs ..... Steven N Azusa
  10. As a New B to this, I sent out a letter to my whole block last saturday, since then when any of them drive by I get the thums up sign and a few people telling me "we cant wait!" I was really unsure of the reaction I would get from passing out a letter, but now its worked out great. My display turns on on Thanksgiving night and from what I can tell most of the neighbors will be out that night to see the display. So to throw in my 2 cents here....send out a letter let them know what you are doing, and ask them to contact you if there is any problem. I also told them I was adding voiceovers in th
  11. Superphred!!!! Welcome from Azusa! Newbie here also and just wanted to let you know you found a great web page with a ton of great people who are all very helpful! Enjoy the PC world. Would love to see your display and to compare both of ours.... Steven
  12. Thanks for the Link Jerry, I hope my show will get me 1st place this year. I will post photos as soon as it goes up.
  13. New B from Southern CaL....Azusa to be exact. Looking forward to meeting some new folks here and to be able to learn from all these great people. Also looking to meet anyone close to me (within 75 miles) who is willing to teach me a few things.... I just purchased a LOR 16 Channel package, but I can already tell it will not be enough.... Steven N Azusa
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