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    "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens
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    Founder of the Beverly A. Tyria Memorial Nativity Scene. Established in December 2015, this lifesize Nativity scene is displayed each year in memory of my Grandmother, who passed away on 12/2/2015. It is exclusively produced by Bronner's Commercial Display of Frankenmuth, MI, and features vintage figures no longer manufactured by them. This is an endeavor I work at year round, scouting Craigslist and eBay for more vintage figures to add to the display.
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    Catholicism, singing, writing, commercial fiberglass figures!
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    Singer/ BMI Songwriter/ BMI Music Publisher
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    My display is exclusively produced by Bronner's Commercial Display - Frankenmuth, MI.

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  1. Might be a long shot, but if anyone ever sees one of these for sale, or has one they'd like to sell, please shoot me a PM. It is a Beco Virgin Mary statue, 35 inches. Please follow the link below to see the image (can't get the pic to upload for some reason). Pic snagged from the Blowmolds R Us website: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10201150182022508&set=a.1598103238331.2087397.1408501347&type=1&theater
  2. - Great news, everyone! Tune into WKZO (AM 590 - FM 96.5) @ 3pm THIS THURSDAY (11/8/2012) if you want to hear my rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner," recorded exclusively for their show "The Trifecta." They will open that show with it. For those of you not in Kalamazoo, Michigan or the surrounding area, you can listen online! Just go to www.wkzo.com and click the "LISTEN LIVE" tab. Remember, this is @ 3pm EST. Those in other states, please adjust the time accordingly. Hope y'all will listen! WhooHoo!
  3. Wow, that's really great! I have that witch, and I agree, very dark. I've been seriously thinking about repainting the vast majority of my Halloween blowmolds next year, and you've inspired me to do my own take on it - you know, witch with green hair. Really great work!
  4. I use sandbags in most of my blowmolds, particularly the Nativity ones, and I even leave them in while being stored. They keep the molds weighed down, and no potential thief will try to take something that heavy.
  5. Carrie, Sad to see you go, but glad that things in your personal life are going well. Pax vobiscum, dear friend!
  6. Welcome to PlanetChristmas! The pics were beyond awesome!
  7. Follow the link below to learn everything you ever wanted to know about Saint Nicholas: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint_Nicholas
  8. Saint Nicholas is a Christian Saint. I see no reason not to include him among the display, even if the only image available at Christmastime is the secular elf version.
  9. Joe Tyria

    Happy New Year

    Happy 2011 to all! May your blowmolds NEVER fade in the winter sun!
  10. Now, I have seen them actually put the Baby Jesus in the manger, and then put a shroud over him until Christmas Eve (Midnight Mass).
  11. Here's a Wikipedia link about the Immaculate Conception: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immaculate_Conception
  12. These are the mini blowmold Nativity sets I have. PIC # 1: Empire Mini Nativity (1980's color scheme) PIC # 2: Poloron Mini Nativity w/unknown garden Elephant PIC # 3: Empire Mini Nativity (1994 color scheme)
  13. This is a Empire Deluxe Size Nativity that I put in my Mom's yard for Christmas 2010. This is also a custom repaint.
  14. That is an Empire marble look (all white - unpainted) Deluxe size Nativity - save for the Baby Jesus, as that one is painted, but from the same sized set. Could also be current GenFoam. Now, onto the pics of my Nativity sets of the blowmold variety. This first set oif pics is of my Beco/GenFoam (Holy Family, Kneeling Shepherd & Sheep, Three Wisemen), Poloron (Standing Shepherd, Ox & Donkey), TPI (Angels), new GenFoam (Camel), and Union (Star) Nativity. This is a custom repaint. Enjoy!
  15. The season of Advent prepares us for the coming of the Lord. The idea behind the empty manger is to anticipate this coming. The 12 days of Christmas starts on December 25, ending on Epiphany. That's the thinking behind the tradition.
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