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    2009 is the first year for LOR, attending the Re-Plus and Florida Mini.
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    First year with LOR and am animating only the mega-tree. The rest remains static.
  1. Sorry for the confusion, I did put you on the list. I did not realize that you did not have the flyer. Hope to see you at the mini.


  2. We are up to 29 attendees so far. Check your calendars, we would love to have you attend if you can.
  3. Fall Mini Agenda Update Ron Lister will be discussing how he used Colonnade Strips and Clips in his display, especially on the roof line. Ron's display is fantastic and he has always been very gracious about sharing his knowledge. These seem to be a very efficient way to attach lights, I'm looking forward to see how Ron made use of them. Chuck Hutchings will be doing a demo on his famous North Poles. 10' of PVC can make 4 poles with no waste. He also will bring some "kits" for those of us who want to make things easier. $14 each. There seems to be a never ending list of how to use a pair of
  4. Everything for the Fall Mini, Sept 10, 2010 in central Florida is on schedule and we need to get an estimated head count of the persons attending. If you did not receive the FLPC email requesting your RSVP then please reply here and let us know you will be attending. If you would like to be on FLPC's email list then please send me a message with your email and I will add you to the list. There is no charge to belong to FLPC. Hope to see you at the Mini.
  5. Bring your extras, swapping is one of fun parts of a Mini. Sept 10 is not far away and I'm compiling the RSVP list. I also sent out an email to all the FLPC members requesting they RSVP so we can get a guestimated head count. Chuck Hutchings has volunteered to do a demo on constructing his famous North Poles. He can bring some "kits" for us. They will be around $14. Please let me know if you are interested so Chuck will know how many kits to bring. There is a copy of the printable flyer posted on http://flplanetchristmas.com/ with all the contact info. So please RSVP and I hope to see all of y
  6. The first flyer is up on www.flplanetchristmas.com Just click on the 2011 Fall Mini link and it will take you to the page where you can print a copy. It has the answers to the when and where questions. Printing gives you a hard copy that you can post on the frig so you won't forget to put in on your calendars. Hope to see everyone there.
  7. Many thanks to Paul and his wife for offering to host the 2011 Florida Mini. We will be announcing the official date here as well as sending an email to all FLPC members. It will be great to get together and see old friends as well as make new ones.
  8. Hi Everyone, I have had a few emails asking if there is going to be a Florida Mini this year. I know we had a few members interested in hosting one. Let's all chime in and see if we can get one organized. Patti
  9. I just emailed an updated Membership Diectory and Display map to all the FLPC members. The emails to Brian Roberson and Miquel Garate were returned as not being valid email addresses. Please contact me with your updated info and I can resend the info. If anyone else is interested in being a member (no cost) just contact me and I'll send you a membership form. Patti Nasrallah
  10. Hi all, It's getting late and I've had a long day. I will check my inbox tomorrow and will honor all order requests that come in until about 10am EST. Patti
  11. Hi Everyone, Today is the last day to get in on the sale. I will be sending the order off to the supplier tomorrow. If you're interested please get a message or email to me today. Patti
  12. Florida Planet Christmas is having their Summer Group Buy and they have great prices on strobes and vampire plugs. They are the same strobes as CLS, the ones that were in our group buy last fall. Everyone loved them and this sale they are also offering them in colors. Check it out at www.flplanetchristmas.com. The sale is offered to all of Planet Christmas not just the Florida members.
  13. If any one wanted to go together and split an order here are some great bulk prices. http://www.growersupply.com/wirhanbaswfo.html Depending how large of a basket you use, you could also use clear and colored strobes to match the outside lights.
  14. The group buy is open to all at Planet Christmas. There are limited quantites so please make sure you visit http://www.flplanetchristmas.com/ and submit the quantities that you want to order so I can reeserve those amounts.
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