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  1. I am just back on preparing for future displays, from a successful Xmas season. Thanks to many people on the PC Forums: lots of qualified, dedicated assistance available, I appreciate very much! I had upgraded to all LEDs since my house does not have that much extra amperage available! I am preparing for a 4th July cum Family Reunion display, featuring large outdoor digital projector, large screen, still photos of past reunions, etccc. PLUS a complete 4th July light show with fireworks emulation: SO, I have to finds ways to run lights up something - trees and long rebar rods come to the
  2. Paul, just had a chance to buy some zip cord and plugs from you last year: i started late, following getting a AL Xmas Kit. Zip cord is the way to go though! I will be doing a 4th July display, with lights as fireworks on 32 or 48 channels (live f-works not allowed in our area!). Also, it's my wife's family Reunion - about 200 people, and i promised I would do a patriotic cum family theme show (with slides on video projector along with lights). I am going all leds (as i started doing for Xmas 2006) - easier to use, and my house does not have much extra amperage available, plus no worry abou
  3. Brad, funny you mentioned the Water Fountains. I am actually planning a July 4th display on the occasion of a Family reunion on my wife's side (200+ people). Since I first laid eyes on the AL system, I thought of doing a Jukly 4th thing, with video display/slides of past reunions' pics, all accompanied with LED light driven fireworks (we cannot do f-works at all in our parts - semi arid NM, dangers of fires in summer). ALSO, I am getting the CalPump SplashDance system (I already use CalPump underwater lites for my pond) http://www.calpump.com/products.asp?category=34which, without being too pr
  4. I just completed Xmas 2006 with an Animated Lighting system + lots of LED lights (love them, sturdiness mostly!). Now I am looking at July 4th: family reunion here in New Mexico, with plans to do a nice July 4th animated display: flag/stars/stripes/America The Beautiful music and other vigorous pieces. Our pond will features also dancing fountains. I am just wondering: what is the prospect of finding - at a decent price - additional light strings at that time of the year? I am not located close to any major markets, which I could easily "plunder" for post-Xmas sales, etc... Thanks! Ro
  5. Ladies & gents, Just getting started this year with an AL XmasKit setup - I'll learn to program their Animation Director program later! I have quite a stock of lights, lawn features, animated animals, other features, etc... I am adding a number of light strings this year to take better advantage of the 16 channel music/light capability. I have been using the orange typical extension cords in the past - never know how many of each length to buy of course! - and I am thinking of switching to making connection with electrical cord. I hear a lot about SPT-1 or SPT-2 - 16 or 18 ga. Would som
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