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    milton mills, New Hampshire, USA
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    Even thou next to most of the people her at Planet Christmas my display is small, it is the largest home display in town if not the area.

    Consist of :
    over 25,000 lights
    20 inflatables
    30 blow molds
  1. Milton mills is off route 125 (4 miles down the road) or exit 18 spaulding turnpike. It is really part of Milton but we have our own zip code LOL. I never heard of it either until I moved here. We turned on our lights Thanksgiving night, not as much as last year but with me being out with a back injury I was surprised I got as much done as I did. Saw my first peeper tonight as I was leaving to go to work. Figured i got about 20,000 lights 10 inflatables and about 25 blowmolds.
  2. Glad to see I am not the only one getting disappointed by inflatables. My 10 foot carrosel (spelling i know) drove me nuts last year and already spent many hours trying to get it to keep working this year, even my girlfriend spent a couple of hours trying to fix it. I made sure it was level, kept it running around the clock. took it apart and still got all tangled inside. It is now taken down and put away, thank God I didnt pay the $225 price 2 years ago (got 75% off). They are by far made cheaper every year. My older ones seem to outlast new ones. Besides the New England weather factor wind and snow, they still seem help to stand up straight. You can count me out for buying any more inflatables.
  3. My girlfriend took our daughters to the next town over to visit onw of our favorite and largest christmas display in the area. It is located at a take out joint and last year on week ends they had santa giving out gifts to the kids. Their display included 100's of blowmolds, infaltables and other lighted items, over all just awesome. Well when she arrived Thanksgiving night they said they weren't able to do it this year because of the cost was too much. Its sad since this place was so well known. I wonder if anywhere else due to the money issues that is widespread this year this is happening. Is anyone else seeing less big Christmas light displays this year?
  4. just turn them on during the day and give them a mild shake usually works for me. we had massive rain last Tuesday and the only one the i needed to play around with was my 10 foot carosel
  5. I started making my mini's with LED (making the transfer this year to LED's a little bit at a time). I paid $2.50 for tomatoes cages and $8 a box for lights. For me I use 2 cages and 4 sets of lights per tree = $33 a tree
  6. Sometimes he just feels good to let it out and since you are single and most people here consider themselves a family (a family that is insane about christmas lights) i dont see no harm in venting to your christmas light family if it helps. I myself (and to to the looks of it am not alone) suffered some bad injuries this year a severe ankle injury and severe back injury. Usually would be done by now but instead of spending 12 hour at a wack to hang lights I am limited to about 3 hours. You just have to remember why we do what we do, to make other happy and ourselves happy. Dont stress over the project (easier said than done) and do what you can. Even thou I am planning on doubleing up on the Advil this week as i brave the weather to get moving on my display. (God I am only 37 years old,how will I feel when I'm 50 lol)
  7. I live a rock throw from Maine, 15 minutes north of Rochester off route 16. I was hoping to be on by Thanksgiving but looks like it may not be in the cards this year. As much as I try to get my girlfriend to help or our 3 young girls (age 7, 9, 11) I end up doing almost all of it myself. I usually keep the lights on 5-8 pm until the few days before Christmas. Its a shame because I work weekends I miss most of the drive by lookers. I have been up here for about 6 years myself and actually bought the house because of what I thought I could do to decorate it (looking back might not of been the best reason to buy a house)
  8. It's also freezzzzing here in NH, I usually have my display done by now (or close to it) but due to a back injury I am weeks behind. Now I know why I start hanging the lights as soon as Halloween is over, won't make this mistake again next year. Weather looks pretty lousy too for this week - cold and wet.
  9. I used electrical tape and never had a issue with paint. As i was hanging lights this year I still had the tape on from last year and it came right off with the bulb being just fine.
  10. Looks like we have a not so nice week this week to work outside. I work every weekend so I am one of those people wishing for lousy weekend weather but nice week days weather. Keep us posted Elaine on how it is going, did you say you are new to New Hampshire or new to christmas lights?
  11. I heard using a dryer sheet might work, never did it myself. I gave up on those silly things for christmas. Mine had ice on it so i gave it a little tap and ended up with a huge rip.
  12. Remember those tomatoes cages come in several sizes, made some last year and more the other night. The large ones I found not to work too well, they seem to collapse with the weight of all those lights needed to cover them up with. The smaller sizes work great (sticking 2 on top of each other and turning one so the support beams aren/t on top of each other). I was lucking to find some last week (the look I got was priceless...."you want how many? All of them? ")
  13. I place a huge sign at the start of my street and it reads: PLEASE CLOSE YOUR EYES FOR THE NEXT 2 MINUTES DURING DAYLIGHT HOURS. THANK YOU LOL
  14. Surplus? It seems at least around here the post holiday mark downs have been almost nil. I have been holding out the last couple of years with the hope to make the switch to LED and stock up. But I haven't seen any LED post christmas around here. Consider your self lucky if you are able to find marked down LED in your area. I did make the vow not to buy any more regular lights and only buy LED (even thou you feel it more in the wallet.
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