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    So this one time, back when PC had the green forums...
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    +/- 170,000 lights, static/animated hybrid walk-through display at 16598 General Puller Highway in Deltaville, VA. 43,000 Light LOR show controlled by 192 channels and 2 Falcon controllers driving 5,000 pixels includes a 13,000 light 22' Mega Tree flanked by a quartet of 4,800 light 10' trees, and surrounded by 4 12-channel leaping arches.

    16 Channels of LOR DIO8RLY relays turns the remaining ~130,000 static lights on and off at night, which include more than a 50 PVC trees, a boat in a pond of lights, numerous characters, and more! 31-channel, 20' tall interactive "Walk-In Mega Tree"!

    16598 General Puller Highway, Deltaville, VA 23043

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  1. The ice blue might have been teal. Holiday Lights Express carries them in mini, and Christmas Light Emporium carries them in C6.
  2. No responses... I'll answer what I can: 1 - You can do it that way, or you can connect them together, but if you connect them together you have to inject power ever so many bulbs. I think on 12v you need to inject every 150-200 bulbs? An RGB expert could tell you better than me. 2 - Yes, based on my knowledge of RGB draw, you're looking at substantially less than 30 amps. 3 - There are many options, but I can't speak to better / worse. I bought a falcon controller, I love the build quality. 4 - Ethernet network. 5 - Xconnect is a pretty common pixel connector.
  3. It's a constant question I've been getting for weeks - "Please tell me you're doing the lights this year! Everything else is cancelled!" Also fortunate to have a pretty large field I build my display in, so people can still walk around it, outside, with plenty of room to not get crowded.
  4. A little late to the game on my reply, but I do 16 channels per color on my 20' tree, with 2 side-by-side strings per channel (32 strands total)
  5. That display looks strangely familiar.... PM'd you back.
  6. Sears might, as high as some of their initial prices are...
  7. Finally. I've only been stalking them for 2 weeks. They probably think I'm a little weird.
  8. Either I'm missing something, or this isn't it. I'm trying to get rid of the "My favorite Christmas story" piece on the left under the user post count, not the signatures... And I certainly don't want to block anyone's posts!
  9. No offense to anyone, but some people's "Favorite Christmas Story" section is reallllllly long, and makes pages longer than they should be. I know we can ignore signatures, but is there a way to turn off the Christmas Story thing in our settings? Or, could it's length be character-limited?
  10. Faster the better - even the 1 per sec are too slow, IMO. The 3-4 per sec Xenons from CLS are the best, I think, despite their relatively high (10-15%/year) failure rate.
  11. Nothing pitiful about that! Effective and looks nice! My pond has been evolving since the the late 90's, and it doesn't take a ton to make the jump to something my size real quick. Keep at it!
  12. Yes. About 2000 LED M5 blue lights in there, bordered by about 75' or so of blue LED rope light to define the edge (I feel the definition of the edge is essential to the effective look of the pond). Used to use incan's here, it was actually a good place for old faded blue lights to go to live out their last year or two, but incan blue can't compete with LED blue in brightness, so I don't mix them up now. I put big LED C9 blues at the base of the boat, and multifunction white lights (incan) in "chaser" mode around the base of the boat, and coming down the "river" feeding the pond, to create the motion effect. I use 3 chaser strands in the river, and 2 around the base of the boat, with some of them behind the boat for the "wake". The iceberg is 3 crab pots and a plastic laundry basket covered with white sheets, bubble wrap, and plastic (in that order), with 5 Lowe's LED flood lights underneath (the $10 holiday kind).
  13. Bill, that picture is just incredible. One day I will actually get up north to see your and others displays up your way. I too love static displays... without offense to those who do 100% animated (and the growing number of 100% RGB) displays, I simply love being able to look at the detail of static displays and scenes. I do a "hybrid" display as well, with my animated section being confined to a 32x32 block of 37,000 lights and around 190 channels, and the rest of the building/field being a grouping of static scenes totaling 53,000 lights. The boat & pond scene is always a fan favorite, as is the dog village. Here's a couple of examples of how I do what I do - you can see the animated square in the middle with the 20' mega tree and 4 smaller 10' trees and arches, while the rest is static.
  14. They're incan's are massively overpriced, but their basic LED strings, especially ceramic C9 LED's, are a good buy at these prices. Granted, they're half waves so you're not going to use them in an animated piece, but in my case, my large static sections certainly benefit from this sale! I have to say, the Garden Ridge in Richmond looked like it was sitting on death's doorstep... not a whole lot of stock of anything. I hope the chain is not going under, but I do fear the worst for this store
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