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  1. I use a 10 foot x 4" black pvc pipe with about 7 froozen water "big" bottles layin inside the pipe. I can re-freeze them for the next night. The fog comes out low to the ground.
  2. It`s that time of the year, I thought this was pretty cool. Can you figure it out? I think I will be doing this for 2013 in the yard. Joe4x4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tsL_JDtVbww
  3. just put some pic`s up on Photobucket Slide show http://s16.photobucket.com/albums/b18/joe4x4/Christmas%202010/?albumview=slideshow
  4. yea that is me on 5319 Reading I had things on a chase pattern,.. Last night was a so so show ,..tonight better . I want to do somethinng on the roof still. I have it (roof line) with red leds. I was thinking of doing a disco floor, B_Regal78 where are you at on Monroe twp ? Your display up ? I`m off tonight might be heading to Walmart in Williamstown later . Joe4x4
  5. No not my display ! Man I was out there last night ALL night till 4am with the floods on . I just can`t get done. I was trying to get the video going ,.. all kind of bugs ,..felt like putting foot into PC. There is a house on Ridge ,... street past Storybook Land make a right I drove by last week but the lights where off 10:05 pm. Ridge just past Mill ,...same area 1 block or 2 away is a house on Treamont I hve been told ,.. I have not had a chance to drive around trying to get mine up and running ,..Tonight is my first night with a so-so show . I`m still gonna work on it up till Ch
  6. I`m up and running and putting more stuff up. I`m think I`ll be at 75% by Friday . People like the video in the window,...thats a big hit so far. Let it snow and Charlie Brown http://www.christmasatthegoods.com/VideoCoop/ Mega tree is up and looking good. I`m usally putting stuff up till Christmas . Joe4x4
  7. Bobh002 That train is a WOW factor ,... where in Townsend Delaware . I`m not too fare away, my wife and I like doing road trips. Joe4x4
  8. I was at Walmart today ,.. picked up the only one that they had and it was my size XL . Cool shirt and only $ 6 http://www.walmart.com/ip/Big-Men-s-Christmas-Lighting-Engineer-Tee/14916826 Joe4x4
  9. Yes ,.."it depends" sounds like the right answer . NJ has 12 or so for residential and I looked,.... and at the moment Gateway has a "fixed rate" that is cheaper then the other Co. I wish I started looking at switching years ago when it was deregulated . Why I did not ? no answer . The thing is allot of NJ has not switched either? Why ? are we afraid of new things? it`s 1:30 and I`m rambling on . Joe4x4
  10. Ok I called Gateway Energy and got a plan for 6 months at .0999. It will go into effect in 2 weeks just before I turn on the Christmas Lights for the season. I`ll post the bill and compare for last year and see what the saving will be ,..I think it will over $50 . Joe4x4 p.s. I thought somebody would`ve chimmed in that they switched ? I`ll be the the test subject than
  11. On our last bill we used ................... 870 Kilowatt. The price to compare on the bill say`s ... 13.15 Delivery with all the charges ............. $ 44.35 Electric Supply Charges .................. $ 112.89 Total Electric Charges .................. $ 157.08 Supply "Atlantic City" charges 10.21 first 300 KWhs 14.01 next 350 KWhs 10.21 next 189 KWhs 14.98 next 31 KWhs
  12. Good or bad ,.. have you switched ? co-woker is getting into Verde energy NJ sales thing. I`ve been looking on line about "energy deregulation" . The thing is that I do not like is that it`s a variable rate , starting at .1075 kilowatt (supply part of bill) AC Electric NJ is fixed at .1375 Yes it`s a saving at first but the "variable" per month . No contract ,No sign up, No fees if you drop them and switch. Looking for feed back from anyone that has switched . Thanks Joe4x4
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