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  1. This appears to be out of stock every where. Does anyone know where I can get one? Thanks!
  2. Does anybody know where I can buy a red strobe? I looked at action lighting but they want you to buy 12 of them. I only need 2. I am looking for the C7 base with 1 flash per second.
  3. does anybody know where I can find this discontinued item: http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=3913705#ProductDetail i have found the 6 foot one, but I need the 8 foot one. thanks.
  4. it looks like enough of us flagged it and youtube has made the video unavailable.
  5. How do we alert the police of this? Does anybody know what town/city they are in so we can tell the local police to go find these punks? Not too bright video taping evidence, didn't they learn from OJ?
  6. Everybody's display ok after the nasty weather we got yesterday and today?
  7. pbuza

    Empty that shed

    Did you make that railroad crossing or buy it, either way it is awesome!
  8. I agree that for the price of the inflatable, it really isn't worth the $. The price has gone up but the quality and value have gone down. My biggest gripe is there is not enough light to light these things up. I always find myself placing a spot light in front of the darn thing. With that said, I still think "some" inflatables are nice. You really have to watch what you buy though. For example, those 4 foot things, don't even bother, they are a waste of money. I bought a mickey at home depot and the motor is so small, the thing just sits on the ground half inflated. PS - I live in New York
  9. Our display is located on Lower Stella Ireland Road in Binghamton, NY. We are about 5 miles away from Jeff's display. We are a static display and we are two weekends away from having everything up and running. I know....many of you are saying why so late? It has been a long tradition to have all the lights up and working 1 full week before Christmas. Of course we burn what we already have up but the "show" doesn't start until 1 week before Christmas. Jeff - we were going to stop up and see your display last night but we figured with the rain you might not be running the show.
  10. OK.....anybody know if there is going to be any new shows on HGTV or TLC or Discovery channel this year?
  11. Does anybody know where I can find ground stakes? I would like them to be metal, be around 24 inches long, and have either a hook or an eye loop on the end.
  12. I guess most of us won't need those snow machines :?
  13. Chris - that is a great idea, but this snow was wet and heavy. My leaf blower wasn't touching this stuff. Is the storm headed your way for Sunday too?
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