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  1. WALMART has put out some of lights here in Marietta GA
  2. Wayne Kremer wrote: Who is Bill Foley. How do I get in touch with him and how much? I am a newb.
  3. walked into walmart tonight and found a carton on green lights. I didnt think I would find them. I had went in for clear but they didnt have any. so sad. I cant find them anywhere
  4. Hello I am going to do a 20 foot mega tree next year with a sunsetter flag pole. What do you guys use for the star. Did you make your own or get one some where, if so where?
  5. 3 light up deer. 2 are animated 1 lounging deer 1 animated moose 1 Skiing moose two 42 inch snowflakes 4 light up presents 5000 lights light up horse and carriage 12 light up candy canes light clips, stakes timers Total spent 220 total saved 300.00 Going animated next year with LOR I hope I am ready
  6. Same here. Amazing. I let the neighbors kids help put one up and a week later they tried to put one up in the yard. Doesnt look as good as mine. Needs more lights. I almost went to help them and give them some lights to put on it.
  7. Thanks to finding this website i need to do the followings 1. LOR 32 chan for next year and work on seqences. 2. 20 foot flagpole for mega tree 3. More power! 4.Strobe string for megatree 5. mini tree made from tomato cage.
  8. I put little eye bolts around the window one in each corner and 1 between each one in the middle. I then use wire ties to attach them to the eyebolts. At end of season I cut the wire tie and leave the eye bolts for next year. you dont notice them if you dont know that they are there.
  9. you can take thin PVC pipe, take two foot rebar and hammer into ground about a foot and arch the pvc pipe. you would need to combine 2 ten foot sections together and then arch them.
  10. So what is the thing at the top holding the lights up. I looked for a bun foot on lowes website but didnt see anything like it.
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