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  1. No problem, I think that it is kinda funny actualy. I havent heard anything anway.

  2. I'm sorry, but I accidentally hit the "report" button next to your name on the private message you sent. I have immediately written trying to correct my error. So just in case you get anything, I wanted you to know what happened. If you have any problems because of it, please let me know and I will do whatever I can to fix it. personal email is [email protected] Again, I'm sorry for the goof up. My vision plays tricks on me sometimes. darlene pino

  3. Thanks....... for reminding me

  4. Happy Birthday from Albany

  5. My memeory stick was flaking out, but I did get a few pics saved to my camera.
  6. Thank you Lori,Glen and everone at Lori's, we really appreciate the hospitality that you extended to us today. I look forward to talking and doing business with you in the future!! To Michael B. and Bill V. thank you for helping to plan and assemble everyone, I am sure it was quite a job to do so well. Thanks also needs to go out to the presenters, all the info about the DIY, LEDS, Wireframes and different softwares has really opened possibilites for me. Again Thanks!!!! Steve and Chase
  7. Janet and I will be there. I am glad that yall are doing this, hated missing the Ga meeting. Steve
  8. Are you going to the Georgia Mini in April? John and I are plannig to go. Darlene (Pino) &John Antoniewicz

  9. ssaunders


    I remember seeing the sequence on lorsequences.com, not sure where to find the yellow snow audio though.
  10. I am keeping it small again this year, Just not enough time to go around. I will try to get you some pics later today.

  11. Got any photos of your display this year? All is well here. Getting a nice group of visitors to our light show, but not too many to make it uncomfortable. Made it in the newspaper last week too. I entered the PC contest. don't know if we'll get the judge's attention, but we'll try it. I hope all is well there and you don't get too cold this morning! Darlene Pino

  12. Decided at the last minute to replace the slices in my mini mega tree and am still working on sequences. The rain has kept me from working in the yard much:(, I know we need it. It will be small again this year, which is ok seeing that we are away from any larger cities. Steve
  13. My display will definitely be small again this year. I will me rewiring most of my mini-mega due to the color coming off of the bulbs while in storage but it will be in Crosland Ga.
  14. I am so glad you reminded me to do a backup. Think I will check this out now.
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