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  1. Just want to mention that the 1.4.1 DMX firmware is included with S2 software version 2.7.4 or higher.
  2. I don't know about Aurora but I do know a little about the LOR stuff. It really should not matter what versions of firmware you have, you can mix and match the firmware. You should be able to download firmware with the Demo Version of the S2 software. If the LED goes on solid with the CTB08D then you should be able to control the lights. Make sure that the Unit ID in the software points to the same Unit ID that you have set on the Dials of the CTB08D.
  3. The Show Player (enable shows) and the Sequence Editor both use the same configurations so if one is working the other should as well. Make sure that you only have one LOR programming running at a time. If you run the Sequence Editor make sure that the Hardware Utility is not running and that shows are Disabled.
  4. Inside the little cylinders there are ( three resistors, one diode and an electrolitic capacitor) The cylinders at each end worked in conjunction to provide DC voltage for the LEDs. There isn't a transformer. We received 100s for testing. We did not test any M5 50's.
  5. There was a flicker with LEDs fading on LOR sometime back. Firmware changes were made sometime last year (or the year before) that takes care of that problem (at least with the LEDs available at the time).... Stringer LEDs have been working well with LOR controllers for years but the manufactures of LED stringers do make changes to their products and those changes can affect their compatability. We expect delivery of some LEDs from CDI in the next few days. As soon as we get them we will immediatly start an investigation. At this time I do not have an answer to this particular issue.
  6. That picture is a total phony! The unit I designed comes with Coors Light.
  7. Not totally straight forward but here is a shot at the answer. The controllers themselves are not a bottleneck. They can respond to commands as quickly as they receive them. Due the the nature of the AC voltage, they only update the intensity of the lights once every 1/120th of a second. Therefore, if a controller receives an ON command followed by an OFF command within 1/120th of a second then the channel may not be turned on and it would appear as if the command was missed. Now the real issue is how quickly can he PC get the commands out to the controllers? Most PCs have no problem g
  8. Sorry, we do not have any software to go backwards from the SD card to the original sequence file. The data is in very different formats.
  9. Hello LOR saying hello to ya!! bull

  10. We have a number of LOR customers that use common neutrals to reduce wire usage. There are 4 common problems that we see: 1. Neutral is not large enough to handle the full load... The neutral should be large enough to handle the total load of all the hots it uses. EDIT: What this means is that if you have a controller that has more than one power feed (power cord) then you cannot have a common neutral that combines those two banks of the controller. If both banks of the controller are feed from the same source (single power cord) then you can put both banks onto a common neutral. 2. Co
  11. I used the C9 bulb plastic stakes. They are cheap and easy to use. By just keeping the connections off the ground things were fine. I did not have GFICs so it may not work as well as it think!
  12. I also got a number of those rotators on sale (not for $3!). I used them outside for years. I would put a plywood circle on top of them and then put some blowmolds on that to get them rotating. They worked good outdoors even though they are rated for indoor use only.
  13. I was about to bid then remembered that I had another source of controllers:D
  14. David Balch wrote: Home Depot has an $11 clamp on amp meter! My guess is that is a typo but I hope itis true!!! I would have thought $50/$60 would be the low end at HDfor something like that.
  15. zman wrote: I would like to hear more about this Blink Off. As far as I know the vendors are not at all involved (at least no one has mentioned anything to Light O Rama)
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