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  1. I am sure it is too late for your situation, but I would NOT get votes from your neighbors. Instead, I would get proxies from your neighbors. Consider that most organizations allow for you to get proxy statements from anyone who is willing to sign. And the proxy allows you to vote on their behalf. Consider the power: in my HOA less then 5% of the neighborhood shows up to the meeting. That would leave 95% of my neighbors to request allowing me to vote for them by proxy. If you take the time to go around and act like mr concerned neighbor, many will sign away their proxy statement. You should
  2. ka3tno wrote: I would like to ask what seems obvious to me. Did you consider dimming the entire display after some arbitrary time of night? It just might be that the person who called found themselves unable to sleep with the extra light comming into a bedroom. (Or their child couldn't sleep.) So the simple solution is to simply dial it back a notch. Further this would lower your power bill. Kirk
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