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  1. Lightkeeper Pro tastes great *and* is less filling - highly recommended, especially for the price!
  2. That sucks ... don't let the jerks of the world get you down.
  3. While they may be somewhat silly, are there any big nationwide Christmas Lights Contests for 2010 similar to what Home Depot, KFC, and others have done in the past? And since Richard Holdman has won those before, we all have a chance now!
  4. Ditto probably critters if just wires cut ... stupid kids/vandals are more destructive.
  5. Numbers sounds about right. You can also use something like the Kill-A-Watt to measure amperage draw to be sure.
  6. Truly AWESOME - one of the coolest display features I've seen - very well done!
  7. Here's hoping (dreaming!) that all those LED's will be 50/75/90% off at the post-holiday sales.
  8. Holy crap - that is one professional installation - thanks for sharing and super pics to document it.
  9. That's better than awesome - great attention to detail and very, very artfully done - great job!
  10. Ditto what Jeff said - if you do loose the plastic case (open 'em carefully so you dont break the locking tabs), use some styrofoam wrap and tape it around the bulb.
  11. Have seen these in local Home Depots - your chimney installation looks awesome - how about some night time pictures? And looks secure, but let us know how it handles the wind.
  12. That is truly awesome - be sure to post some pics when you set 'em up outside.
  13. Ditto what someone else said about check the local body shops - those perps took major (deserved) damage on their vehicle, so see if the local paper will run a story on it and have people be on the look out for it.
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