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  1. https://www.thespruce.com/buying-blow-mold-yard-decorations-2736398
  2. Sharing my Grand Venture praying angel I found today at Tulsa Flea Market. Paint was very good and I paid $20. She will go between Mary and Joseph in my blow mold nativity. Watching over baby. Hubby and I were drooling over a "waving santa in train with tender car"set. First time we've seen one in person. But it had sold earlier in the day...for $300+. Yikes! And the paint wasn't all that great. There were several booths selling multiple blow molds, tabletop and floor size.
  3. Dang! I've been wanting that caroler set! *smile*
  4. Great find! I have a Mickey and Minnie 35" Caroler Set I bought last year at a second-hand store. I just checked Ebay and a set just sold for $169! Wow! Guess I'll have to make sure to display 'em close the house!
  5. Oh! I just love that Sweets and Treats shop! I see in the second photo, in the upper left your snowmen are having a big get-together. LOL!
  6. Hi! Yes, I was excited to see blowmolds at Garden Ridge this year but the paint jobs I saw were poor. My Garden Ridge also had a couple of blowmolds in the Halloween section. I picked up a 3 pumpkin stack blowmold, it's about 21 inches high, for 20 bucks. The paint job was acceptable but then I noticed the plastic wasn't solid orange in spots. You can see streaks of orange mixed with white, as if they didn't mix the color into the plastic thoroughly. Concerned about how it would look lit up, I took the pumpkin to the Christmas tree section and plugged him in. He looked ok enough, so I bought
  7. Awww...I love that lil chick in the egg mold! I have only one bunny. Sherri
  8. I think you did good too. Sherri
  9. Thanks y'all! The store is on downtown main street in one of those old, old brick historical buildings. The storefront has these big, tall glass windows....pretty neat! (Wish I had my camera.) Mickey, Minnie and Pooh were displayed in the window, peeking out when I pulled up. Couldn't believe someone hadn't snatched them up already. The store owner is in the auction and resale business...must have been why he had blow molds. I'll be going back!
  10. Hi All! I found a few blow molds at this discount store in Okmulgee, Oklahoma. They posted on Tulsa Craigslist. Here's the link- http://tulsa.craigslist.org/for/2095338847.html They still have some left so you better hurry! I nabbed Mickey, Minnie, Santa's Best Winnie the Pooh, Santa with a blue gift, a very tall Santa with toy sack, and a little tabletop Christmas tree. I just got them and haven't had time to check the lights or see which brands they are. I did manage to get Pooh displayed out in the yard tho. I paid $15 each for Mickey, Minnie, Pooh and tall Santa. Blue gift S
  11. Thanks everyone for your help. We got him up! Hubby made the keyhole bigger with a drill bit. We put a long screw with a large head in the siding and hung him on that. Then, we put a holding-bracket-type-thingie up in the hole in the bottom of his beard and attached the other end to the house. I hope you guys out there know what I'm talking about...I don't speak "electrical contracting" very well. Thanks!
  12. Hi Everyone! We are putting up christmas lights right now...my giant santa face I bought just has a small keyhole in the back for hanging. We are not sure how to hang him up on the house. We're afraid if we just hang him by the keyhole on a nail he will surely blow away in the wind. Our house exterior is brick and siding. How do you do it? I would really like to put him up on the house. Thanks a bunch! Sherri
  13. Those 2 pair of Poloron Pine Cone/Candy Cane candles are beautiful! Just lover-ly. They did a great job on the paint back in those days didn't they... If I had those I would NOT put them outside. I'd be too afraid to. LOL! They would be on display inside my house. Sherri
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