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    My name is Cody Lawson and I live in Central City NE. My hobbies include Christmas light shows and computers. LOTS AND LOTS OF COMPUTERS!!!
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    My display last year had 250,000 Lights, and 128 channels. This year is over 300,000 Lights and over 224 channels!

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  1. guess it looks like getting led's this year isn't going to work out like I thought...
  2. I have been to a few walmarts recently to check on there stock of LED's only to find that they are extremely low! Like only 35 or less boxes of LED's! Is this everywhere?
  3. Awesome! Thanks for the idea! Just be careful though...there might be a tear or hole in the press and seal one of these times and if some of your plugs are in water you get a pretty good jolt...just a tip Cody
  4. Anybody from Nebraska going?
  5. Iv got a couple questions regarding the walmart led's and just led's in general. Were switching to LEDs this year so I want to get the best 1. Are the walmart led's any good? Quality? Reliability? 2. How low do the prices on led's go after Christmas? (walmart wise) 3. Difference between full wave and half wave? (kinda on a tight budget) Thanks! Cody
  6. That's ok totally understandable anyway got the problem figured out, someone came down with their laptop that had lor installed, so it all worked out Thanks for the help everyone
  7. I am in serious need of someones licence info for the light-o-rama S2! I apparently found out yesterday that all my licenses were used up? Ya i was totally conffused by that message! Anyway im not trying to get the software for free at ALL, i have already bought the software when i got a couple controllers a few years back. I will only use the lincese once and thats it! I contacted LOR but i imagine they dont work on weekends. I need this by this evening for our parade of lights! Need help! Cody
  8. Awesome thanks everybody i totally forgot about that website lol, Cody
  9. Sorry to hear about that! Just don't give up! Last year we had the worst winter in years which basically tore down our whole display, still repairing some things lol Hope everything works out for you! Cody
  10. I am in need of "Christmas with a capital c" sequence by go fish guys by this Sunday. I was asked to out together a float for our parade of lights with short time on the clock lol, Looking for 16 channels or more... Thanks, Cody Would be willing to share one of my 224 channel sequences!!!
  11. So now my question to all of you is: Whats the quality of the Menards Christmas Lights? Or any other vendor store wise not online. We are going after Christmas to pick up as many LED's as possible for the best possible price. Also whats the cheapest you have seen LED's on sale after the Christmas season.... Thanks, Cody
  12. Thanks for all the ideas! At least now i have an idea of what to buy. The display this yer isnt going to be as big as years past, Infact im starting all over and working my way back up the ladder, getting bigger and bigger every year. Going fom 250,000 lights down to only just a couple thousdand ya it hurts but at least im switching to LED's!!!! Thanks!
  13. Ok so let me first start off with letting you all know that I WILL be doing another Christmas Light Display this year! I wasnt going to due to the stress but have found out that i gain more stress from people asking me "Why arent you doing a display this year?" So here i am lol, anyway i am switching the whole display to LED's this year starting from scratch and wanted to know what the best LED Product is out there (website maybe?) Thanks, Cody
  14. Just to let all of you know that I AM still selling the display and those of you that have contacted me first will still have first dibs on the Equipment. I have been very busy lately and havent gotten around to much yet but i will ASAP. Thanks, Cody
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