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  1. Beco Animated Santa https://newyork.craigslist.org/fct/clt/d/orange-vintage-1960s-animated-blow-mold/7047166589.html
  2. Set of 3 Vintage Poloron Blow Mold flying Reindeer ©1972 New in the Box https://www.ebay.com/itm/202822635207
  3. https://newyork.craigslist.org/mnh/clt/d/new-york-6-vintage-halloween-and/7018705359.html
  4. "How bright are the c7's compared to the c9's?" I've been happy with all of my different C9 retrofits that I have but always wanted more brightness out of my C7 retrofits.
  5. I'm more in line with the original post. I only have 1 Santa (in sleigh with reindeer) and Mrs in my front yard, as I treat the whole front yard as one large scene. In the back yard I do have multiple santas, one of each type of extra Santa blowmold I have (Empire 4 foot mold, the 3 foot Santa face mold, Poloron santa & sleigh, etc...). The back yard ends up being a bunch of smaller scenes each with its own Santa, or I look at the back yard as an overall theme of different types/views of Santa. But even then I only have one of each type of Santa in the back yard, no repeats of a pa
  6. I had no idea Empire made a tombstone for Indiana Jones...
  7. I've tried LED's in molds and due to not having enough brightness, I have ended up going with CFL's in the molds as well. For the C7 size I use candelabra/C7 size CFL's so I get more illumination than an incandescent C7 for less wattage, the only issue I have is that for some molds there's no way to get the candelabra CFL into the mold since they're wider than a C7 incandescent. If there's no hole at the bottom of the mold to get them through then I'm left with enlarging the C7-intended hole which I won't do, or rigging up something to get the CFL light into the mold even though the candelab
  8. I've never seen one of the snowman but youtube has video of the santa:
  9. I didn't really end up needing the 3 wires since I didn't end up setting up the reindeer as a parallel team, when it came down to it I didn't want to give up the overall length of having them in a series. I ran the 3 lines anyway. The reindeer heads are wired to the big wire right above them, and Santa just has the wire running under his arm. I didn't end up clamping Santa's arm to the wire like usual, I just tied the sleigh runners to a nearby tree with a piece of string.
  10. I am going to find a way to do it without drilling. I just run the cable under Santa's waving arm, it doesn't hang perfectly vertical but it's close enough where nobody's ever noticed it doesn't. Then I hang the reindeer from the cable by just wrapping a little wire around their heads and wiring them to the cable. The cable ends up passing right over the middle of the top of their heads between the antlers. I clamp near Santa's arm in back and at Rudolph's head at the front and nothing between moves as the reins hold them. So compared to drilling I lose about a foot or so of height sin
  11. Another confirmed replacement nose order using the 800 number,still free for the noseitself and shipping. Before ending the call I remembered the runners for my Santa, Sleigh, Reindeer were snapped and bent, so I asked about those as well. $5 per runner and shipping was $6 for 2 runners. So a nose for the Santa's Best snowman free +2 replacement runners for the SS&R, all for $16. Thanks for the info sweetcar13!
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