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  1. Hmmm I am here, didn't see the PM. Here is an update. Jacob sent out the final Canada orders today. There are a few people with missing strands, wrong strands, or broken strand replacements that will be sent out in the coming days. Other than that I got nothing. My work schedule has doubled from about 40 hours a week to 80 but still feel free to email me or PM me. Even if it is just to say HI Ryan
  2. hi everyone. Sorry I was out of town and did not have great computer access... But hey I can get on here on my phone ! Thanks Dan for the heads up on that! All USA are shipped out. We have shipped 3 Canada orders and are filling the rest quickly. There are some of you who maybe missing some strands or have a bad one. We are shipping all those on Monday. As far as the warm white vs pure white. I have seen another vendors and noticed the difference also compared to a sample from our facotry in 2009 there is a difference. Upon contacting the factory the answer got was this is their curr
  3. the main large orders left sre those from Canada. The USA one are the smaller ones. By no mean tiny thought. Still 3 to 5 boxes, but not the orders that were 50plus or even many that were 20plus... I could only ship 2 of those at a time each trip to the Fed Ex store. Whew. ryan
  4. I hope to begin Canada the end of this week.... Also we are down to our final 50 orders! The LIGHTS at the end of the tunnel Ryan
  5. Just a FYI we sent out our first round of shipping invoices. Some of you who may have sent us a fed ex number are getting one too as after a certain point we had shipped enough to qualify for a larger discount. Therefore we shipped with our account to get the better prices. We still do have lights to ship and are shipping them as fast as I can... I have even had to slow myself down a bit as I sent out a few order with errors. Opps Ryan
  6. yeah I am working on shipping via USPS to Canada. Want to make sure we do the cheapest but secure way we can. USPS has many options and I want to make sure that if they lose something they pay etc. Ryan
  7. I email out tracking numbers as Fed Ex activates them. This week we had a lot of orderes go out and I only got active notices on about half of them so lights showed up with out me sending a tracking number... I guess SURPRISE for those who got them with out tracking. I did email out a few non active numbers to people who were asking, and they show up as "NOT FOUND" in Fed Ex system which can cause some trauma for people as well. Ryan
  8. someone needs to invent a self taping light. Just like self tapping screws it would go into coro quicker at least... I made one coro snowflake last year and gave up! I used it as a snowstar hahaha. ryan
  9. you are actually on the list next for tomorrow. We have a few of yall four digit orders left... Whew! Just as an fyi we are filling small orders as we can fit them on my truck for every trip I take to fed ex. I can normally get 2 each trip. ryan
  10. Since it has been a few days... I am still here... Still shipping. Ryan
  11. I would expect 95% of the orders out by the end of the month. Ryan
  12. Just an update. I am still shipping out everyday. In fact I am about to make another run to Fed Ex. I wish I had help too, but we are not a lighting company nor, as I have said in the past, want to be one. We simply wanted to offer the lowest price we could on LED lights for the community. I want to thank all the people who have put up with our learning curve on this and understand what we are trying to do. I also want to say sorry to those who have been less than thrilled. Unless the good lord takes me before, all the lights will go out. and even if he does take me I am sure Jacob will fill
  13. Update time: We are back to shipping now that the 4th of July is over. Also my phone seems to not be getting all the emails sent to it. Our system is, but my phone is not. I dont always have access to a computer like my phone. I am getting some emails, but some people are having to PM me here. On international orders we are going to do that at the same time(as well as AK and HI orders as USPS is cheaper there). I expect those to be done in about a week on our current schedule. Keep in mind also I am back to my normal job at the theme park as well after taking the month of June off to work on l
  14. In terms of orders we are 36.76%(thanks excel) done! in Terms of VOLUME we are 62.04% done(again thanks excel) We are still on some rather large orders. One order alone took 2 and half trips in my pick up to get all the boxes to Fed Ex! Whew! Orders will slow in the next few days as I have to get ready for some shows on the 3rd and 4th. The good news is the orders are getting more manageable and I think we should start seeing more of the mid size orders go out each day as I can take 4 or 5 of those at a time to Fed Ex and am able to make about 3 trips a day there. Ryan
  15. Just an update. Still shipping. Still alive . Also some people are emailing asking for estimates on ship dates. Just as a general FYI for all here as to how I am shipping. People with Fed Ex accounts go out first based on largest orders. Then as we can fill space of other orders when taking those shipments to Fed Ex we fill them as well. I have everyones order stacked largest to smallest. I only can predict about 15 orders out when that order will go out. On a side note. We currently have no plans to go "full time" into the lighting business. Our main business is pyro. However, since we t
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