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  1. hey this year i decided to add strobes, i, like you, searched and searched for some sort of c9 equivilant, however after weighing up the cost of buying the $6.50 c9 types, the sockets to place them in and shipping then the transformers to convert the 110 to 230 i decided to look on ebay, i have purchased about 30 mains mini strobes 230v that work fantastic, you can buy them for about a
  2. hello, unfortunatly i live in the uk and we do not have so many wonderful types of xmas lights. I recntly have discovered strobes and would love to have them in my display, i believe they come in c9 form, can anyone please let me know if the c9 blub has an uk equivilant socket type so that i can remove the current bulbs and replace them with strobes. Also what power do they draw? would it be possible to place a 100 bulb string on 1 LOR channel? if no equivilant socket is available can i use an ordinary small travel adapter to convert the 110v to 230v then have an extension lead going to one of
  3. hello a few questions about some strobes, i'm thinking about purchasing 100 strobes from christmaslightshow.com but does anyone know where i can buy the wire and sockets (C9)(already assembled) to connect them? And also do they work in the uk? will i need a transformer? and how many strobes can i wire into a single channel of LOR (i think its 2amps per channel)? thanks very much merry october chris green
  4. hello just wanted to know if anyone in the uk is using strobes in their displays, i think i'm going to get some from action lighting that have a c9 socket base, purchase a c9 socket string and plug it into a u.s. to uk adapter, anyone done the same?
  5. do you guys enclose your snow machines or are they safe to be left with no protection outside?
  6. hello, interested in adding a snow machine for next years display but would like toknow how do you all control them? a lot on ebay are remote controlled and so i do not want to be standing outside pressing a button all night. is it possible to control using LOR, some machines don't need any time to load up so maybe i could leave the remote outside with the button taped down, any ideas? many thanks chris green
  7. hello, this is my first year with LOR got 16 channels, about 10.500 lights and about 30 wireframes, i live in Cornwall, England, UK, sorry about the poor quality unfortunatlyi picked a windy night to film
  8. when christmas is over and your trying to import 500 sets of lights from china by march so you can start planning for 08 when pc is always the first site you check everytime you go on the net when you cannot stop thinking about the lights, when you cannot stop thinking about the lights, when you cannot stop thinking about the light, when you cannot stop thinking about the light, bulb, more bulbs, bulbs, more....
  9. hello, consider the LOR controllers sold darren, really interested in the lights aswell, when are you thinking about selling? i live in cornwall so should not be to much of a problem to drive up. email me at [email protected] many thanks chris
  10. hello i'm from the uk and was wondering if i purchased 100 curtain strobes with C9 sockets from christmaslightshow.com, could I placethemALL in a 100 empty socket C9 light string? providing I use a uk plugadapter. many thanks
  11. been on this site many,many,many times but never found a video of the grand masters display, am i being daft and overlooked it or is there not one?
  12. hello from the uk, does anyone know where i can purchase cheaper lights that are 240v to work in uk, strings here at 10m are around the $40 to $50 mark
  13. hello does anyone know if they make LEDs for the uk, (3 pin 13amp plugs at 240v)
  14. lol scary, sorry that was me sister got an account as well didn't realise i was on her account
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