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    My family, Christmas lights, sports and things that are radio controlled.
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    In 2002 I started using computer control with a program called Dasher. The following year I went to PLUS and met Dan and immediately started using LOR. From there I have grown to 200 channels and around 40,000 lights. WHAT A RIDE!!!
  1. Cory, Any chance I could get a copy of those? My email is [email protected] Thanks, James Peachee
  2. You know my vote. Any ideas what time of year?(edit) oops, I wrote this before reading any of the other posts. P.S. I now have a couple of videos on my site. Check it out if you're interested. http://vimeo.com/8644944 Amazing Grace http://vimeo.com/8708742 Wizards in Winter Later! James
  3. I am still in the process of editing the video I shot but since I really didn't know what I was doing I figure if it doesn't come out right it's due to my inexperience. I had no problems with my camera that you described but would not doubt that could happen as they most likely get rented out many times. I did find that videoing my display at around 6:30 in the morning, just before dawn, worked out pretty well. As far as my setup, I used all manual controls for my focus, exposure and white balance. Again, I tried a couple different times and what worked best for me was when it was just getting
  4. If you ever wanted to video tape your display but didn't have a good enough camera and didn't have the money to buy one... read on! I, by chance, found a great place to rent a 3CCD Sony video camera for around $150, including shipping. I rented it out from the 23rd of December and am returning it today. It turns out they don't charge for holidays or weekends and only charge for business days. So when I rented it out I got it for 5 nights and 5 days for only a one day rental when renting over the holiday this year! Follow this link as this might be your answer; http://www.atsrentals.com/cgi
  5. No damage last night as I ran the show. All we have now is high winds and I will see what is what when I get home tonight. The storm took a track a little bit north of us so we did not get what we were supposed to. Still got around 8-10" (nice snow) but the wind may cause some damage. Everything was still standing according to my wife around noon!:121_reindeer:
  6. I know I'm shutting down for a couple of days. We are supposed to get freezing rain for about 3 to 4 hours and then all you-know-what breaks loose. Then I will find what is broken and start fixin'. Good ole' Iowa, wouldn't expect anything less out of her.
  7. Hey IowaSantaClaus! It was sure nice meeting and talking to you. I'm sorry I wasn't up and running for your visit but hopefully when the luminary is going on in a couple of weeks you will pay us a visit again. If you were impressed by our neighborhood this time wait till you see it when this day comes, totally unbelievable. Let's just hope for no wind or rain. You and your family are welcome anytime! Have fun making people happy.:santasmileyitty: Later! James
  8. Well, I have almost one of three songs done. I will be out Fri.- Sunday putting out the rest of my stuff and getting it all wired. Then I will be inside the rest of the week timing & timing and... It's also supposed to be wet Monday all the way through next Saturday! I should be ok if I can find some dry weather to do some testing??
  9. Actually it is. This year I feel rushed and will be shortcutting some things but in the past it had to be perfect to me. Even if no one else could tell that that light was two inches off the straight line it was intended to be on. The thing is you can be as picky as you want. Just leave enough time for redos as it will take time for your own brand of perfection. Most of all enjoy the process, learn from it all and enjoy the joy you give people from all your hard work and talent.:santasmileyitty: James
  10. Susie, Unlike this year, I usually have my plans of what my yard will have in it done by September. (this year that came in late October) Then I pick the music I like and start listening to it over and over and over hundreds of times while envisioning what my lights will be doing. I've always been a daydreamer so this is easy for me. Then when I get to the actual sequencing it's so embedded in my brain it just goes together, although not easily. I struggle a lot and change up a lot of things along the way. This is my 7th year with LOR and if anything I've learned to keep it simple and not
  11. Really hope i'm up and running as the weather next week is supposed to be quite wet. Oh well, it'll give me time to get my sequences done! I will keep my website updated to let you know how my progress is going. Hate to see you waste a trip, but I'm sure Jason in Bettendorf will have quite a display! :santasmileyitty: Later! James
  12. Hey All, Been doing my best to get everything up as I have changed up a lot of lighting. I, for some strange reason, decided to give C9s a try. I am also putting in 3 new songs, which I have just begun to sequence, so I have a very long way to go to be open the Sat. after Thanksgiving. I am so far behind, and what makes it worse, it doesn't feel like it should be this late in the season. Oh well, got to get back at it as the warm air is-a-wasting! James
  13. :giggle::giggle::giggle::giggle: Ya, that one I surely want to see. But NW just can't be taken lightly. I tell ya, It's just like watching the bears play...one huge roller coaster ride! BIG TEN RULES! AND THE HAWKS WILL BE IN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP AFTER THEY BARELY SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEK ONE OUT IN THE LAST SECOND AGAINST THE BUCKEYES!
  14. Thanks guys, i appreciate the input. Now to get to work as it is supposed to be close to 70 degrees, this weekend, here in Iowa. I have a delema though, the Hawkeyes are playing at 11. How can I work outside when the #4 team is playing????
  15. I was wondering how one would go about putting up C9s (Red, Green and white) on the peak of a roof? Since there will be three different colors the spacing would be about every 4 inches. Since the shingle caps are around 8 to 12 inches apart where you can stick something under it how can this be done? thanks, James
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