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    Montgomery, Illinois, USA
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    Just starting over again due to a bitter divorce.
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    Computers, lights, and dogs!
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    Electronics Tech
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    Basically just starting over again after divoroce.
  1. It is pretty sad but I only have a few things up. Which I have to kick myself but nothing I can do about it right now.
  2. I was thinking after looking at all the neat stuff. I wonder if anyone has made a moving Christmas popup book. One that changes it page etc. That would be cool.
  3. Or you could actually have it drop to the ground. When he gets to a certain point, have it bring him up to a starting point and drop him again.
  4. What I have always wanted to do and I told Greg Parcel, was to sync links with many display across the country. 4 households could be controlled by 1 thru a network. It could happen. LOL
  5. Thank you Bill. But it wouldn't be fun if I didn't do it myself. Thank you though.
  6. NO, I don't can't do that. Didn't mean for anyone to feel sorry for me and give me a hand out. I just wanted everyone to know that when I did post pictures not to make fun of me. LOL Do you know what mean? LOL. But I thank you for the offer. Trust me, I will get back to normal soon. I might have a to buy a few things before making it though. But I am more into making it than buying. It seems to easy to just buy it when you can sit down and design your own stuff.
  7. Thank you! I wouldn't hold your breath with the display this year. When I say I don't have nothing I mean I don't have nothing. LOL So I am just going to be in the background this year and not post any pictures. I would ashamed posting a pictures of just a bush with lights.
  8. Western Digital. Go for like the 1TB ones. I normally use them to back up pictures, music, etc. And I have multiple computers so I know what you are talking about. I know there is a software package so you can have all the files backed up threw a network but I forgot the name of it.
  9. I just use a usb hard drive. It is better and I don't have to worry about space or the site going under and loosing all my files. The only person you can trust is yourself.
  10. I think you should just put one thing out and that is it. I know it will be hard for you to do, but just pick on bush etc and light it up. Don't put any signs out just light up one thing.
  11. This all can be fixed by just saying "I love you!" LOL. It works for me everytime.
  12. I just got back to the forum, I don't need an infraction or a pink slip.
  13. GREAT BALLS OF FIRE! If you get Michael Jackson to come out of the tree afterwards, I am leaving. LOL
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